Dead drunk again on East Street



The state of the economy can be best describe as seen here in this photo. On the main street in the country, East Street, Sunday morning, this young man lay in a ‘dead drunk sleep’, on a step as cars and pedestrians passed by. What a serious state this man is in just a block away from the Farm Road Urban Renewal Liveable Neighbourhood project.


  1. Now you see why The Bahamas is #1 in Cases of RAPE in the world? Bahamas Press Cry SHAME on this MASSIVE COVER UP!

  2. You see what I mean? OUT TO LUNCH AGAIN! This is a disgrace. I just ask Lord have mercy on this man and our nation……………please forgive him we are sorry and we repent. This is a picture of all of us because the question I put to everyone……………what have we done in order help others do better? Selah (Think on this deeply!)


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