Andrea Gibson must RESIGN at Queen's College



Principal of Queen’s College Andrea Gibson honoured over the weekend by the Methodist Church amid a ‘Sex COVER UP’ at the school. Pictured at to Ms. Gibson and below, Carl Bethel (left) Zhivargo Laing (center) Tommy Turnquest (right).

Nassau, Bahamas – When Bahamas Press told its now 284,476 weekly readers that they cannot trust media in The Bahamas, we ourselves never dreamed the level of ‘cover up and deflection of truth’ that takes place across this country. Bahamas Press has called for the venerable Methodist Church to step in and correct the wrong committed at Queen’s College. Where some 2 months ago, A MASSIVE COVER UP has occurred on campus involving the 17 year old son of the minister of education Carl Bethel, who had sex on the campus with a minor 13 (now 14) year old school girl.

The minister of education is presenting as if nothing happened, after his department sent out a press release denying sex occured in a classrooms in the country. The release was just before the Queen’s College SCANDAL was uncovered. The commissioner of police has failed to arrest anyone on a charge of ‘STATUTORY RAPE’ or for anyone failing to report a sexual crime against a minor as required by law. The minister of national security’s wife Shawn Turnquest sat on a panel of four persons which gave the minister’s son three days off after the incident. And the wife of Zhivargo Laing also sat on the four person panel at the school making their ‘WICKED’ decision.

Bahamas Press stands along with members of the public and parents who are shocked and concerned with this level of this SCANDAL now tolerated by the venernable Methodist Church in The Bahamas. Whom now has found the time to honour principal Andrea Gibson. This is INCREDULOUS! When members of the public along with parents at the institution find her ‘double standards’ at the once prestigious Queen’s College UNACCEPTABLE and UNBECOMING of what is expected by an authority at the institution. We remind Methodist Organization that this is the same authority they honoured over the weekend that sent a female student home for two weeks, for using the bathroom. Yet a 17 year old boy can have sex with a little girl on the campus and he gets three days off?

WHO IS PROTECTING THE YOUNG in this country when the police, ministers and their wives, along with the school’s authority would not? Bahamas Press calls on the Methodist Church to exercise their authority and FIRE Andrea Gibson principal at Queen’s College.

And we ask the ‘WUTLESS MEDIA’ in The Bahamas, the next time they attend such an event, ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS and STOP BEING the BIGGEST SPIN DOCTORS THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN!


  1. Who in their right mind can equate the return of H.A.I. with the murder in Coral Harbour? Some of our young people have decided
    the way to deal with their problems is to wreck havoc on those they hold responsible. This attitude did not just happen. It was becoming the “norm” long before 2007. We all are to blame. We tolerate graft, sweethearting, theft, drugs and all the “deadly” sins and because we won’t blame ourself we blame “the scapegoat”. Wake up! Examine your own conscience and then endeavour to do better in your own life. Children learn by emulating their elders and we certainly have been very bad role models”.
    While we have a long way to go it is encouraging to know that some of the positive inteventions of our police force have resulted in fewer crimes in some areas.

  2. Thomas, I am no armchair quarterback on this issue. In my professional capacity, I have reported and will continue to report anything I find to be outside the confines of the law, irrespective of the social or political implications. I am well known to our police and immigration people for doing this and until God calls me home, I will continue to do so. Wrong is wrong and illegal is illegal and it really doesn’t matter what you or I may think as to what the law “should” be.

    It is illegal for anyone over the age of 16 to engage in sexual interaction with anyone under the age o f16. Period. There are no exceptions and there should be no room for interpretation and my frustration with your earlier post was that you were being completely arbitrary in your view. This makes you new position a direct contradiction. You are now saying that for all of those persons over the age of 16 who were charged and sentenced with statutory rape, that it is now different because of who is involved.

    To me my friend, that is hypocritical. Now I understand the idea that there are certain humanitarian issues involved in reporting certain things but you cannot compare statutory rape to reporting an illegal alien having a baby at the hospital. By law, a medical practitioner is required to call the police in any instance where they suspect underage sex, regardless of the circumstances. Its not for the nurses or doctors to figure out how it went down. Their job and they do a good job of it too, is to call the police. No ifs, and or buts.

    Its attitudes like yours, this casual acceptance and willingness to bend laws to suit your needs that has this country in the state its in now. I bet you see no problem in driving without a seatbelt on or buying or selling bootlegged DVDs.

  3. Thomas, right is right and wrong is wrong. The only problem is it will create another problem. These girls may shy away from the hospital and have the children under risky conditions. It is the same reason they don’t report illegal immigrants at the hospital.

  4. To DR, I have a problem with hypocrisy, and inconsistency. I asked this question before and everyone ran for cover; would you support reporting any underage girl that has a baby at a public facility to the authorities for investigation, yes or no? Your turn. I have stated here before that the statutory rape laws are too arbitrary. An individual, post puberty, should be able to consent.That is my view.

  5. To Thomas, I ask this simple question, what does it matter about those other cases when we’re discussing this one? You are absolutely correct in saying that this case has a higher profile because of the father’s prominence but that life.

    You are a bit presumptuous in assuming that because people are outraged, they must therefore be “PLP sycophants” and thats rather myopic of you and shows equally that those who would see this dismissed and swept under the carpet may very well be criminal minded FNM psychopaths. Of the two, I’d rather be a sycophant than a psychopath any day.

    Here’s the straight shot on this matter for you my friend. If the FNM does its job and keeps its nose clean, there’s nothing to “get the FNM” on. The FNM invented this game and now that the PLP is bitch slapping them left right and centre, all of a sudden you want to take the “high road” and cry for mercy. Don’t kick sand in the sand box if you can’t take it getting kicked in your face.

    Now that the politics are out of the way, what about your concern about the fact that even if she was a willing participant, a 13 year old who does not have the right to consent to anything sexual was involved in a sex act, confirmed by adults, with a 17 year old who does have the right to consent. Statutory Rape Thomas Finley, is still a crime, even when an FNM cabinet Minister’s son is the perpetrator. You guys wanted to jail Bradley Roberts for being accused of rape. You guys made a big deal out of Leslie Miller’s plumbing issues with a girlfriend, not that anyone should care and now you want to talk about covering up sex crimes.

    The amazing double standard rolls on and on and on in this crazy corrupt land of ours. Whats next, murder’s not murder if an FNM’s the culprit? As for the Bishop, I hope they put his ass under the jail and I don’t think many people who support the PLP and are NOT members of his church would argue with you. Both instances, whether the boy is a “true blue” adult or not are despicable. In the case of the Bishop, he didn’t have at least three Cabinet Ministers trying to cover it up.

    And where in the law on statutory rape does it say they must be a “true blue” adult to be considered a rapist? 16 is 16. 17 is 17. 13 is 13. Need I go on? What a duplicitous lot you are with your convenient sense of morality and double standards drawn only on the lines of PLP and FNM. I hope you feel the same way if your underage daughter is caught doing the same thing to an adult. Are you then going to ask him if he’s a PLP or an FNM and if he’s an FNM you say “carry on, you missed a spot.”

    Scumbag. Yes, I meant you Thomas and BP can get mad but I have to call it like I see it and I’m sure they will agree. Condoning crime on political lines is scummy at scummy’s scummiest.

  6. DR, I attended the father and son day at QC. Hulan Hanna spoke and every time he mentioned underage sex, the students present laughed, and the boy who was standing at the rear of the stage, ducked down and laughed as well.

  7. Thomas, funny you should bring up the story of the student and teacher. That boy was the cousin of the boy at QC! Now you see why that story was covered up as well. Both of them share a prominent grandfather. I see a trend here.

  8. The same people who are raging on this story, were cheering the Bishop on his way to Court….

  9. The only reason you people care about this story is because of who the boy’s father is, and who the VP’s husband is.Get the FNM.You people do not give a damn, really. There was a teacher who was having sex with a student, a true blue adult, and not one of you scumbags, and PLP sycophants uttered nay a word on it….

  10. Its not right to beat up on little kids but in this case, Brian is an idiot and is clear proof of the ignorant, idiotic, elitist little brats that are being fermented in these private schools. QC, aside from the so called prestige that Brian brags about, was also well known for is extensive RACIST history and prior to majority rule and the mass openings of government schools, was reserved for WHITES only.

    If thats what he wants to be proud of, let him be. For my part, my $1,200 per term for my child will go to a school that actually gives a damn about protecting the children, even from themselves. It is the business of the students to know what’s happening in their schools. I heard about this scandal from a cousin who’s teenage daughter, who attends QC, told him. So obviously, Brian, if he’s a real student there would have heard the same thing too. Pretending it didn’t happen doesn’t help young man.

    Also, for BP’s information, it seems QC made an attempt to cover this thing up because they held a hastily arranged Father Son day at the school following the incident as a means of addressing this issue in a round about way. The keynote speaker was Tommy Turnquest, so you see people, the fix was in on this matter. They didn’t think the word would get out and that is why they are all trembling everytime Bahamas Press writes an article about them because they don’t know what’s coming next.

    Bahamas Press, keep on this story. Brian, go study or something and stay your ignorant ass off the internet. You kids are in enough trouble on the internet already.

  11. Brian, are you uneducated? How is a cover up of statutory rape not the nation’s? Would you have the same reaction if it had been your daughter? Would you then be saying it isn’t our business. Unlike you regardless if I didn’t support the government, I need a government that is accountable for its actions. Gossip? Hardly-you should be worrying if you’re ready for graduation since you can’t possibly separate the truth from gossip as you see it. Wow-students getting oral sex performed on them, students that can’t separate factual truth from gossip- and students that clearly aren’t ready for the real world. QC is really depreciating.

  12. Fact will change, but truth is absolute. The principal of Q.C. should give a statement, but she is simply scared. We need real people to do real jobs. This is why we have problems today. Sometime I wonder if this whole contry is out to LUNCH! THOSE IN AUTHORITY DO SOMETIN’ MAN!


  13. Why would the student body be informed???
    That it NOT the student bodies business nor is it the nations.

    I am a part of this student body you speak of and why should they be informing me about GOSSIP when i could be learning in my advance placement classes???

    I guess parents would prefer if they sent there child to school for well over $1,000 to sit down and listen to GOSSIP and have a school which is premoting it.

    Let’s use our brains here.

  14. The student body was never informed about what had happen. I have kids going to Queen’s College. So if they are covering that up…that could very well be my child and they are keeping it away from me. Ms Gibson need to go 4real. I never did like her

  15. Dude…what is your problem???
    What is most sickening is that you ENJOY publishing these extremely BIAS and bassless coverage of GOSSIP you cannot confirm took place.

    You show yourself to be very ignorant in the fact that you no not what took place on campus and ASSUME that there was sex when in fact there was NOT.


    Just because you were not fortunate enough to attend QUEEN’S COLLEGE, the most prestegious private school in the Bahamas, does not mean you ought to RUN OUT like other schools dont have/had SEX TAPES ON THE INTERNET or every other child in the Bahamas never did anything in school that they werent suppose to.

    You are NOONE….Just because some sad blogger DEMANDS Mrs. Gibson to resign does not mean she will. And she wont. so you could write blog your liltte hands off, your words doesnt count.

    Guess what? You always claim you have nothing to hide. Well, everyone has skeletons, and when yours is highlighted in the WUTLESS MEDIA, you know who to blame….

    With that said, keep doing what your doing. The ditch you dig might just be your destiny.

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