What is going on in the Justice System? Another killer and career criminal on the loose! Someone MUST hear THE PUBLIC CRY!



Members of the legal faternity, Justices of the judiciary and with His Grace Archbishop Patrick Pinder at the Annual Red Mass at St. Francis Xavier Cathedral.

Nassau, Bahamas: In 2003 Ashley Newbold was convicted of the murder of nightclub manager Joy Cartwright and sentenced to death. He was to be charged along with Obie Pindling, but for some reason, the 2002 FNM government decided to ignore the police’s recommendation and Newbold stood trial alone.

Newbold, who has been a career criminal since he set fire to the Boy’s Industrial School in the late 1970s, appealed his conviction, had it over turned and was awarded a new trial. The Attorney General’s office, being the disaster that it is, failed to set a new trial date, forcing the judge to put Newbold on bail.

In case no one knows Ashley Newbold has been up that street quite a few times. Joy Cartwright’s murder has NOT been the first that Newbold has been convicted of. He always wins his appeals and gets off some how. In 2006 the AG’s office called up certain witnesses to the Cartwright murder case and said the new trial date would soon be set but nothing has happened since then. In fact, one witness pleaded with them about her safety but her pleas fell on deaf ears. So in November 2006, Newbold was granted bail and set loose to terrorize the public in gangster style like he usually does.

On March 11, 2008, Newbold tried to extort money from one Michael Stuart and then threatened to kill the man. When police picked up Newbold, he was found with a .357 revolver and 20 bullets. He also had US$370 counterfeit on him. He OBVIOUSLY had intentions of doing something. What has shocked the nation is that Newbold was given BAIL AGAIN and this time brought BACK to court to have his bail REDUCED. WHAT IN THE HELL IS GOING ON WITH THE JUSTICE SYSTEM????

It is MORE THAN OBVIOUS that Newbold has someone working with him in BOTH the Royal Bahamas Police Force AND the Judicial system.

No one with authority seems to want to touch this case while witnesses are living in fear that any moment this psychotic killer will come knocking at their doors like what he did to Joy Cartwright.

The FNM government needs to have this man’s bail revoked and launch an investigation as to WHY he keeps being given bail and walking the streets doing more crimes.

Wake up FNM Government !! You let ONE man walk already with Joy Cartwright’s blood on his hands. Don’t let another man walk as well. Get Ashley Newbold off the streets for once and for all. He is bad news! A career criminal !! A hit man!!! Stop him from killing others!!


  1. The question of what must be done to solve the problem of violent crimes within various communities here in the Bahamas begins with you and I. We the people must challenge the government, the Churches and private organizations to assist in investing in a Community-Based Problem-Solving Criminal Justice Initiative. One that will address the problems of: Lack of Community engagement to encourage collaboration from residents, Lack of judicial accountability and I can go on and on. Here it is straight. A simple psycho-social assessment that collects information on defendants’educational history, employment background, health and mental illness,and other relevant data before the defendant’s hearing. Staff present the assessment results to the judge, who uses this information to develop a sentencing mandate. Is that so difficult? Either we want to make a difference or we don’t. It sickens me to see how more and more Bahamians are so afraid to speak out against such injustice..Freedom is not going to come to us, we must go and get it, if not we will be left wanting. We are a fast dying generation of revolutionary minded Bahamians. We cannot and will not be denied.

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  3. This is horrible. I know who that dude is. He is killer….the worse kind. He needs to be put away for real. What is wrong with this country and crime. Niggaz falling down like flies.

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