The decomposed body of Omar Davis Jr was found in the back trunk of the car – BUT HE WAS NEVER REPORTED MISSING!?

Omar Davis Jr.

NASSAU| Police sources now tell us they might have a “Crime of Passion” case in the murder of 21-year-old Omar Davis jr who was found dead Tuesday afternoon.

Facts to consider:
1) He was never reported missing by anyone in his circle.

2) The University Graduate was found decomposed in the back of his Honda Fit in Centreville which suggests the remains were there for days.

3) His body was riddled and chopped (a crime of passion).

4) According to our police sources Omar Jr was set to leave the country this Saturday to take up a new job at an accounting firm in the candy City of Atlanta.

5) Police still have no knowledge as to where his whereabouts were between the time he was last seen: before his untimely demise?

6) Why was he never reported missing? What is dis?!

7) Who was the last person(s) to have made contact with the victim before his death?

8) Do police have another murder involving a crime of passion? Dis ga be long!

9) Some serious and dangerous killer(s) are still on the loose and not a soul is stepping forward to help solve this homicide and help answer questions!

But we ga report and let yinner decide!