Defence Force, Squad No. 5423 cannot get paid and new squad told not to come in anymore – WHAT IS DIS HAPPENING INSIDE THE MINNIS REGIME?



New recruits taking the oath.

Nassau – More hardship and struggle are set for ‘The People’ as austerity measures have now hit the base of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force.

Now this report will be brief and straight to the point! We are learning that the dreams of scores of young men and women to join the armed forces have been dashed!

Our source has now confirmed recruits have been turned down entry on the RBDF base and some have gone into depression upon hearing the news. Some would have left their small jobs for this once in a lifetime opportunity in service to their country. And now that country has let them down they are left confused!

1. We are learning that the recruits that were hired by the Defence Force, Squad No. 5423 – have still not been paid yet only weeks before the holidays! We are learning nothing is earmarked for them this week and no one knows when they will be compensated for their commitment to country!

2. We have also learnt that some of them are the same officers who worked long hours during hurricane IRMA. The Commodore silent! Minister of National Security is silent! The Cabinet is silent and da damn WUTLESS MEDIA is SILENT on these developments! What in the hell is dis?!

3. Also, the new squad members that were set to come into base over the weekend were called – and abruptly told on Thanksgiving Day – that they are not to report for training anymore. With No explanation! No new date! The Commodore is silent. Minister of National Security is silent. The Cabinet is silent! We ga need plenty help in this town of sudden hardship and no plan.

Similar concerns have mounted at Department of Immigration where the Minister wants to send home graduates who have been in training for more than a year. WHAT IS DIS?

This must be Da FAKE GOVERNMENT!

We report yinner decide!