Serious concerns are coming from out of the Education Loan Authority where Michael Foulkes is the Chairman…


PM Minnis’ elected members seems to be overriding and interfering with established protocols to protect the purse…

Hon. Michael Foulkes MP for Golden Gates and Chairman of the Education Loan Authority.

Nassau, Bahamas – Chaos is brewing down at the Education Loan Authority and some are now questioning if Chairman Michael Foulkes has the mental capacity to lead the department.

Bahamas Press wants PM Hubert Minnis to watch this report closely as only we at BP will have this exclusive.

1) Our investigators understand some officers in the Authority are nervous and have alleged that Michael Foulkes has, firstly, taken off the signatory account senior officials within the department and has left himself as the sole signatory. If this is indeed true his could be a crime in the making.

2) We want to remind the PM and the Minister Jeffery Lloyd of the serious circumstances that involved Foulkes in Florida, which forced him to return home on the quiet. Yinner does forget!

3) Staff at the Authority tells us that Foulkes in his mental meltdowns regularly where he waits in the staff parking lot at the authority to castigate and ridicule workers when they pull into the yard. Some have described his actions as like a dog backing at moving tires.This does not sound like someone stable or mentally sound to us. Yinner need to watch that!

4) We are monitoring these developments and we have watched how the office at the Education Loan Authority has turned into Foulkes’ constituency office; where generals in Golden Gates have become a nuisance and annoyance to the professional staff in the Authority. One general acting like a JACK*** “cuss-out” a female staffer recently!

Bahamas Press warns PM Minnis that, if he thinks our report and expose on BPL was a joke, and if he doesn’t get a grip on this Loan Authority development and do something inside this department quickly, we believe this will bring more serious embarrassment to his Regime [Which is already hanging by the fingernails].

BP now is monitoring these developments and all we ga say is this: Stay Tuned…More to come!

We report yinner decide!