Environmental Health Response to Recent Increase in Pest Nuisance


mosquito_malariaThe public should be aware that due to the recent rains and the warm summer temperatures, pests such as flies, mosquitoes and rats are present in greater numbers. The solid waste division of The Department of Environmental Health Services has been challenged in recent times as a result of the rains with scheduled collection in a few areas. Every effort is being made to ensure that we maintain schedule so as to limit the sources of fly breeding. It is of vital importance that property owners and occupants of premises assist by ensuring that their garbage is properly containerized(covered) and that bins are cleaned and disinfected after being emptied. Fly bait and strips which are readily purchased can be used to limit fly presence.

All Vendors , particularly crab and seafood vendors must practice good sanitation by making garbage receptacles available during operation and ensuring that all of the waste generated is taken away and disposed of properly. This will help to minimize fly nuisances.

The level of rodent activity is directly related to the amount of food sources, shelter and harborage available. Kitchen waste, discarded appliances and furniture, derelict vehicles and other debris provide the environment for rats to survive and produce large populations. Individuals, private and public entities and communities at large, are asked to shoulder their responsibilities by ensuring that their premises and places of occupancy and in general, their communities are clean and that good garbage storage and disposal practices are carried out. Good sanitation habits will assist in controlling the rat population and other pests.

The recent rains have also help to produce large batches of mosquitoes since areas like ponds, depression and excavations collect water and hatch the mosquito eggs. Home owners are reminded to pay special attention to anything that can hold water, especially drums, buckets, tubs and tires, as they can breed mosquitoes as well. Discarded items should be disposed of in a proper manner while items that are in use should be properly stored or managed so that they cannot collect water and support breeding of mosquitoes.

The Department of Environmental Health Services is doubling its efforts in reducing the population of these pests. It is anticipated that garbage pickup schedules on those collection routes that are off schedule, will be regularized shortly. The mosquito control section of The Department of Environmental Health Services will strengthen its mosquito treatment/ intervention program to address the mosquito, fly and rodent issues. Ground fogging exercises will be continued and intensified thorough New Providence and in those islands that are affected.

Once again the department wishes to thank the public for its continued cooperation , support and assistance in doing their part in controlling pests.


  1. With so many exotic diseases going around these days everyone should be especially careful to keep their surroundings clean and as sanitary as possible. Flies mosquitoes and rats are a nuisance but can be controlled by natural means instead of waiting for the pesticide truck to come around poisoning everything in its wake. Excellent advise form DEHS.

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