Desperate FNMs have resorted to a LIE CAMPAIGN – Latest is a LYING POLL refuted by the University of the Bahamas!

FNM in Convention. FILE PHOTO

NASSAU| So over the weekend operatives connected to the leadership deep inside the Free National Movement released another LYING poll claiming to have been done by the University of the Bahamas. IT WAS A LIE!

The poll, draped in the colours of the FNM (RED AND BLUE), was widely circulated on social media by senior executives of the FNM.

While the poll attacks the Government in the management of crime and the economy, it also gathered serious daming numbers against the COALITION OF IDIOTS (COI), suggesting that they believe Lincoln Bain knowingly stole $60,000 from a pensioner.

The polls also shared that former PM Hubert Minnis was not a favorite to return to lead the Bahamas. 

What was interesting is how the polls went after everyone who can take the FNM from Michael Pintard, favorably suggesting that he was doing an excellent job in managing the FNM! THEY DESPERATE!

So desperate that the Free National Movement would use the good name of University of the Bahamas to spread these LIES, knowing full well that the research department never conducted any such polling in the country. WHAT LIARS!

The lies were so serious that it forced the University to issue a statement confirming that the poll conducted and circulated by FNM Council Members was LIES! (SEE RELEASE BELOW). THIS IS SERIOUS!

Neither the Leader of the party nor its Chief Spokesman Duane Sands have not uttered one release to distance themselves from the lie. But this is typical FNM! Tell a lie and hope it sticks – THAT’S THE PLAN. 

The problem here is simple: members of the FNM have learned nothing from its defeat in 2021, and that lesson is simple: LIES CANNOT STICK in this period of digital media. 

Why would the FNM keep telling lies? Because the whole party is a LIE!

We report yinner decide!