DEU officer almost became a victim of crime but, thanks to the community, that criminal is now in policeman hands…




Woman was bathing when jungaliss/accomplice came knocking at the door!…

Nassau, Bahamas — Bahamas Press was live in the Pinewood Gardens community yesterday where we witnessed the fact that no one is immune
from crime.

A DEU police officer was taking a shower when she heard a loud knock at her door. BP was the fly on the wall, and as she looked through the window, she saw a lady with ‘rasta locks’ who was not known to her.

Being aware of crime and its affects within communities like Pinewood, the officer then went into her room. Peeping through the window; there she saw that the same lady who knocked at the door and left was in conversation with a man who then walked into the yard.

The officer, still in her birthday suit, called a police and then a friend that was at Island Luck spinning. She told the friend to call back up to the home from ‘the cut-ya-ass neighbourhood crew’.

Faster than any police patrols, the ‘CUT YA ASS’ team came from nowhere in a rush.

The thief piss-up his pants having already attempted to wedge the door, hoping to get inside, but was now surrounded by members of the community.

And, boy, then the question came, “Who are you looking for in this F##@-ing house?” the crew asked. The reply was low and some bogus name was mentioned. But when the neighbourhood ‘CUT YA ASS’ team had seen the door wedged, the Bahamian barefoot bandit broke the world record and took off in one direction as he jumped through the window of a passing 21a bus.

Then there was a chase, some on bikes, some on rollers, one in wheelchair, some just pointing and others just looking while others jumped into cars. This is what I call REAL URBAN RENEWAL 3.0! Bahamians needs to form themselves against the bandits and cut dey ass if ya must until the police arrive. And these are the people who should be up on Government Hill getting medals and visiting the GG!

By this time a patrol car arrived. Just down a few blocks, the bus stopped with the barefoot bandit inside who then ran off but was caught.

Sadly, in all this, while the bandit was caught, the lady friend is still roaming the streets around Pinewood. Somehow she slipped away like da crook she is; and disappeared like the Halloween trick she is.

Do not answer your door if knocked on by a stranger – especially if you are in the Pinewood Gardens area. Call the police and, if you are fortunate like BP – LOAD UP ALL YA LICENSED WEAPONS and have them on standby in the event of something similar. And if ya don’t – make sure feed and fund your local community ‘CUT YA ASS’ team – for – you never know when you ga need dat team in place! URBAN RENEWAL 3.0!

Boy I tell ya – if ya don’t laugh you will cry!

We report yinner decide!