Did the Bains and Grants Town FNM candidate just declared a funeral plot property at $4,500?


Well the Bains and Grants Town FNM candidate has property at $4,500 – THAT COULD ONLY BE A CEMETERY PLOT!

FNM candidate reported to have property valued at $4,500.

Nassau, Bahamas – The FNM Candidate in Bains and Grants town is certainly investing with his money and his declaration in the listed nomination form speaks volumes.

The candidate told the Registration that he earns some $35,000 a year and now has $3,000 in the bank. One must wonder if that job is somewhere on Dowdswell Street as the candidate was a full-time student at the University!

Indeed what is interesting, though, was the fact that he listed no expenses. Well.

The candidate also listed that he has property at $4,500. The only property at that value could only be some plot in the cemetery. Well, at least he is investing!

We report yinner decide!

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