Dion D. Smith: Bridging the Gap

Charles Carter and Dion D. Smith greet constituent

Nassau Village GONE WITH DION!

Nassau, Bahamas – On February 10th, 2012  Dion D. Smith invited the legendary Charles Carter to join him on a walkabout of the constituency of Nassau Village. The reason for the invite was due to the past few months Mr. Smith had been canvassing and speaking to the people, and the one single name that kept emerging was Mr. Charles Carter. Being one to hear the voice of the people Smith extended an invitation to Mr. Carter to join him on one his daily walkabouts. Carter, who is a close friend to Dion’s father Duke Smith quickly agreed to the invitation.

Dion Smith and Charles Carter talk to constituents

As the pair head out with their volunteers and campaign assistants’ one could not help but notice the powerful chemistry that passed through the two generations at worked. Carters’ memory of the area and the names and faces of the people were beyond astounding. As Smith began to elaborate on who resided in each house Mr. Carter seem to pull from a mental rolodex that was just as accurate as any of the volunteers campaign sheet. Upon seeing Mr. Carter many constituent’s faces lit up and in a few cases tears of joy streamed down some faces. People embraced him and called him, Da Boss, Daddy and My Carter. Throughout the walk Mr. Carter would not forget to let the people know that he fully endorsed Mr. Smith just as Mr. Smith’s father Duke endorsed him at the beginning of his political career.

The most significant display of affection for Mr. Carter came when the walkabout team made their way to the main basketball court in Nassau Village and random cars stopped, and people began to pour out into the streets to just hug and kiss Mr. Carter, as if a long lost farther had returned. The outpouring of love was genuine and very awe inspiring. Mr. Smith through the whole process humbly walked alongside Mr. Carter clearly learning from a master statesman. At the end of the walk Mr. Smith said “I am glad we were able to achieve my goal of bridging the gap between our generations.”