DNA Deputy Chairman shot by killers outside his home Wednesday evening! He is recovering!


Two young teens abducted and raped on Wednesday! Boy the police plan is working [Say Nothing to citizens]

Urvan Moxey the DNA Deputy Leader shot by gunmen outside his home Wednesday evening.

NASSAU| Well folks we are learning of a shooting last evening which has left a man in critical condition.

AVON Moxey was shotup last night. He was shot in the arm and shoulder and is at the hospital.

Though still unreported still, the culprits were waiting at his home when he arrived.

Bahamas Press can confirm police has opened investigations of two rape incidents over night.

We can confirm two teens were ABDUCTED and raped Wednesday evening. Culprits also sought a ransom for the return of the girls – NOTHING ON THE INCIDENTS HAVE BEEN REPORTED! The press were never notified of the incident by police.

CRIME IS DOWN…And the police plan is working!

We report yinner decide!