Students in local public school caught in gay-gang video – Parents called in!


NASSAU| Just hours after Prime Minister Hubert Minnis’ Government began conversations about moving legislation on Equality in the Bahamas, some seven senior boys at a local public school in the capital were recording themselves in a gay-gang video.

Bahamas Press can report that parents and guardians had to be called to the campus of a senior public school this morning after  some seven senior boys were recorded a series of naked sex videos, which even went viral online last evening.

Some officials believe the video is the product of the dangerous videos from Carnival and others suggest it is the decadence now being experienced across the nation. Why would young boys who should be focusing on their education be looking down each other’s gluteus maximus and shaking up ‘dey sef’ like a gal? Well, what in da hell is this unfolding in the capital?

Meanwhile, neither the Christian Council nor parents nor anyone who’s supposed to oversee the actions of these students gat one word to say about these developments! We wonder why?

Anyway, the school, we understand, has decided to deal with the matter internally and keep it under wraps. Perhaps this is a part of the new education programme introduced by Minister Jeffery Lloyd. Who knows?

We report yinner decide!