Two female students caught high as kites on a local campus! One male caught with the drugs has been taken into custody!


When parents stop checking on their kids at school, some begin selling -and consuming – drugs as we report this week!

BP BREAKING| Police have arrested at least one senior student of a local school right here in the capital after he was found in possession of dangerous drugs.

Two young female students at the school where the contraband was seized were caught high as kites on the campus.

BP’s now positioning our investigative teams to prove to yinner how many incidents go unreported in the Bahamas. We are now moving deep on the ground to report to yinner what is happening while everyone – INCLUDING THE WUTLESS MEDIA – turns a blind eye on the nation.

How did the drugs get on the campus?

Who is selling these drugs and are the parents involved in the sales?

What is the price? And how could students get so high before someone noticed?

Officials sent both female students, who were found high as kites, home until May 28th, 2019.

We ask the question again: WHERE IN DA HELL ARE THESE PARENTS?!

We report yinner decide!