Do Gas Station Owners Not Care? Please Protect Young Women?


Nassau, Bahamas – Here was the scene at this Texaco Star Mart just off Milo Butler Highway around midnight Sunday. The mart has two female cashiers operating the night shift with no bullet proof sheilds to protect them, as at times they attend to very aggressive patrons. It appears from this scene however the stations has no protection, and well in this we ask you to look closer at this photo. Where is the security officer that should be protecting those two young female cashiers? He was seen, not even with a dog, far from the doors of this establishment pumping gas. Since we cannot find a newspapers anymore in The Bahamas to speak for the innocent and abused in our country, wants them to know if this station owner fail to protect them, our 10,000 plus readers should stop attending gas stations that leave innocent workers unprotected, looking down the barrel of a gun. The photo below proves bullet proof windows do save lives.