Doctor gives Branville new life <<< PLP Mass Rally in Lizzy Wednesday Night

Thousands attend PLP Mass Rally in Lizzy tonight!

By Altec

Nassau, Bahamas — On February 16, Dr Rollins, the young, aspiring leader made a decision that sent shock waves of energy through the PLP while devastating tremors went through the FNM.

The young man that capitivated many around the country during the Elezebeth bye election did what most people knew he would do, join one of the major parties. To quote Dr Rollins,”…it is my strong conviction that it is neither wise, nor practical, to continue pursuing the development of a new political party in an environment of scarce resources and weak public demand; where prospects for success are long-term at best; and with so much at stake in our nation’s immediate future…” That is the reality of 3rd parties in a nut shell. While full of zeal, they are almost empty on talent, infrastructure, finances and have little to no chance of winning.

Dr Rollins decision is a big deal for the PLP for 4 reasons. First off, positive momentum. This decision will strengthen the resolve of the troops on the ground, re-energize the party and give independents pause and cause them to reconsider the PLP.

Secondly, Dr Rollins has said publicly, that he had met privately with Mr Christie and Mr Ingraham and make no mistake, Dr Rollins as an aspiring politician, looks out for NUMERO UNO, and in this vein, Dr Rollins only had to ask himself one question; which party gives me the best chance of getting into the House of Assembly? Forget philosophy, this decision was based on the present political atmosphere and Dr Rollins sees the yellow tsunami coming and he choose to be apart of the wave, rather than get crush by it.

This is a very, very bad sign for the FNM! Everyone sees whats coming except them!

Thirdly, all those nay sayers who said the PLP cant attract young people has been silenced for now! Mr Christie just bagged a young man who will undoubtedly cause a stir among those in the PLP with leadership aspirations. Fred, Brave, Shane, Alfred Sears,and  Alfred Grey have to step up their game cause their is a young buck who wants the big chair. I just hope Dr Rollins stays far away from Obie because that man will betray God the Father, the Son, Holy Spirit, the Virgin Mary and Lady Pindling. I hope when he sees Obie, Dr Rollins is armed with some holy water and calls the fire engine, CID, FBI and the fellas who hiding Bin Laden cause we all know Obie will try and crease his shiny head right up under Dr Rollins. Run Dr Rollins. Run, when you see that shine coming towards you! You see how Pleasent mistakenly looked at the shine and she almost get lock up? Take note Doc, take note.

Fourthly, Dr Rollins decision puts pressure squarely on Branville McCartney. Mr McCartney now has to pick a side. I know it. You know it. He knows it. The country knows it. He can not delay this decision any longer!

Where Branville went wrong was he moved in a way where he wanted Mr Ingraham to notice him but went about it the wrong way. The problem for Branville was, when your new to the game, the old dogs dont take you serious and so Branville had to do some stuff to get Papa’s attention. That was one of the reasons behind his little rally he had in his constituency several years ago. He was telling Papa he reach. He wanted to look like he was not afraid to take on Mr Ingraham and show that he was his own man. The problem was, Mr Ingraham dismissed him and so it was on to plan B and Branville resigned his cabinet position, as that was all he could do, short of leaving the party.

After all this, Mr Ingraham didnt budge, and now Mr McCartney is left hanging in the valley of decision. Now people are quietly questioning Branville’s judgment and courage. We all hear the whispers, “if Branville is being stagnated why is he still in the party?” “If Mr Ingraham has no compassion, why stay under such a leader?” This is why when you move, you move decisively. You cant play soft with a bully. This is the lesson Branville has yet to learn.Now the perception of Branville wanting to have it both ways, looking INDECISIVE is starting to creep up on him. But what happened was he tried to play the game, and he ended up getting played by Mr Ingraham.

This is what happens when you take political advise from men who themselves have failed politically. Branville had morphed into Allengernon Allen Jr right before our eyes. When it was time to make a decision, they both walked to the edge, but didnt have the guts to cross over. When the iron is hot, you strike. You dont dance, play jumping jax, make potato bread and swithcha. But thats what Branville did. Dilly dally rather than making his decision when he had the entire country holding their breath. And now that so much time has passed, Branville’s highly anticipated decision has lost some of its steam and now the feeling of “just make your decision already,” is growing.

But the Lord smiled on Bulgy Jr toady and thanks to the decision by Dr Rollins, Bulgy Jr gets new life. Make no mistake, Mr Ingraham can not allow Bran to leave now. Oh no. Can you imagine if Branville leaves and joins a third party or the PLP now? That would be a devastating blow to Mr Ingraham’s legacy and to the party, especially this close to a general election. Talk about a jolt to the PLP base. The FNM chances in the general election will be reduced to almost zero..

So now with this new life, courtesy of Dr Rollins, Bulgy Jr can make demands now that he couldnt make before. The only question is what will Branville ask for, cause right now he has Mr Ingraham nuts in a vise. Lightening has struck twice for Branville and whatever he does, he needs to do quickly, within the next few weeks.

So I think assurances will be made and Branville will stay put. Look for Mr Ingraham and Branville to appear unified in the very near future. Dont be surprise if a token sign is shown publicly to imply that all is well between them. Dont be surprise if Bran is brought back into the cabinet. Dont be surprised if Bran is made chairman of the party, deputy leader of the FNM or given some other position that will signal all is well. Dont be surprised to see Mr McCartney and Ingraham all buddy buddy and sharing gin and coke at the fish fry or Mr Ingraham and Bran having a jovial moment, coincidentally, when a tv camera is on them. I am telling you all now, some public signal will be displayed as the FNM’s base needs something to jolt it.

With Bran back in the game, that sound you just heard was Tommy “The Reject” and “Work Permit” Shavargo’s belly breaking down, running up and down FNM headquarters looking for Pepto Bismol, cold cerrasee and pink guava to ease their bowels. These guys are now on the outside looking in and know that Branville stock has risen once again. If Mr Ingraham is truly concerned about his party, then deals that were made in order to accommodate Mr Ingraham’s return are now null and void. “The Reject” is no longer the hire apparent. “The Work Permit” is no longer deputy apparent because there is only one move that will suffice the FNM base and that is to see Branville sitting next to Mr Ingraham.

The next few months are going to be very, very interesting politically in the Bahamas. Will Branville and Papa make up? What will Branville ask for? Will Tommy “the Reject” quietly step aside? Will “Work Permit” Shavargo’s work permit expire? Stay tuned!

A yellow wave is coming!


The overflowing crowd of supporters lined cars along Prince Charles Drive as thousands listened to PLP leadership Christie, Davis and Roberts.
Photo posted by Worker's Party Activist Rodney Moncur showing the thousands attending the PLP rally in Elizabeth last night.


  1. I can do nothing but laugh when I read PB’s analysis of the political climate in the Bahamas – based on BP’s assement I’m wondering why Mr Christe and the PLPs are out there campaigning. Get real BP and get with it – the Bahamas has trusted and proven leadership.

  2. @ Altec

    I absolutely agree with your assessment of the seats division and the possibility of the PLP winning more seat in 2012. Some people must be “high” or “drunk” all the time (if you read their postings). No stable headed FNM supporter will attempt to convey a message that their party is not running behind the PLP in popularity NOW. Rather, they attempt to rationalize this position by talking nonsense about having to make “tough decisions”. That’s bull. The FNM got “methods” wrong in the application of the decisions. This has been a disastrous term for them in governance and it seems to get worse by the day. The PLP is ahead in popular opinion (with a growing number of eligible voters opting not to vote at all out of frustration with both the PLP and the FNM). Good work Altec.

  3. If you are going to be taken seriously, then you need to seriously check your grammar and spelling. By allowing this to be published and accepted, you are contributing to the dumbing down of the people, which is already bad enough. For example, “apart” and “a part” mean opposite things. All of this gives the impression (perhaps rightly so?) that one should use this site for entertainment purposes only.

  4. BP I think PLP run this paper cause yall show 500 people and call it thousands. yall catch yaself. Ingrahm call election today yall will lose cause yall have a spindless leader. he scared of his MP’s.LMAO

    • You should note why did none of the papers carry the crowd this morning if it was as you suggest? THINK!


  5. This is so laughable!!! Bran should make demands?

    1st let me say, that the PLP would lose 11 seats that they now have if the election was held today.

    2nd you give Bran to much credit, he is not The Second Coming of the Messiah.

    3rd you better stop putting foolishness in Brans head, you made him out to be this big giant, but we have come to find out he is more ego, than anything else.

    I will give you credit for one thing, you said that Bran has to take a principled stand.
    He position in the FNM is now unattainable, whatever support he had has now vanished.

    To challenge the Prime Minister the way he did showed his immaturity. Even if he taught it was his time to lead, he should have waited and developed a consensus of like minded leaders within the FNM.

    The scripture tells us “Let not a novice rebuke an elder”

    When Bran can no longer be loyal to his party he must leave.

    We all know that by reason of years, if the Prime Minister wins the next election this would be his last time around.

    Why not wait your turn, and build networks within the party, travel the islands and visit every constituency, and let the people of the Bahamas see that the baton has been passed to a new generation of leaders.

    I really feel sorry for Bran, he can not remain within the FNM and he can not go to the PLP, this is a very sad end to a promising young man.

    Someone who is seasoned should have taken his hand and guided him through the process, of becoming a leader.

    I think it was John Maxwell who said “A champion is not made in the ring, but in his everyday routine”.

    • This is so laughable!!! Bran should make demands?

      You cant be that naive. Bran walks out of the FNM now and that would be the nail in the coffin. He is the only FNM that the majority of non FNM’s even check for. As green as he is, he is the only national viable candidate your party has. Outside of Papa, Bran is the only person in your party that has any kind of national support. The FNM needs him, more than he needs yall!

      You may not like it, but Dr Rollins decision set somethings in motion to where if Bran decides to stay he can demand certain accommodations if the FNM wins or loses. you havent seen what they just did to Ivone aye?

      1st let me say, that the PLP would lose 11 seats that they now have if the election was held today.

      Now i know you talking foolishness. Firstly the PLP dont have 11 seats, they have 17. And with the exception of 1-2 seats, they are all PLP stronghold seats.

      the PLP only needs to pick up 4 seats to win the government and I will tell you right now, the PLP will have no problem pickling up multiple seats!

      The yellow wave coming!

  6. BP – Give up the GHOST! Branville is DEAD POLITICALLY. HAI will use him as a pawn and then screw him with the firy end of the FNM torch. This is much too far gone and HAI will be viewed as a politcal punk bitch if he exalts Branny Boy. He can’t compare to Rollins, Ryan the Lion or Spanish Wells New Boy Wonder – the girls them sugar who will vote for him just becuase he’s cute but dont know anything about the candidate who by the way is well established in his community.

    I told you before and I will say it again, if Branny Boy comes to the leadership of the PLP and is accepted, I will do one of two things with my voter’s card: 1) Auction it on MACKEY YARD or 2) Wipe my ass with it.

    A traitor is a traitor is a traitor. What he did to HAI he will do to Christie when he doesn’t get his way and with these recent additions well on their way in the PLP he would definitely have to tow the line just for a board chairmanship much less a cabinet post in the new PLP government!

    I spoke with Cleo via VIBE last evening and she is confirming my predictions that BRANNY BOY is being considered for CHAIRMANSHIP. I was already proven right that Carl TWO TIME PINK SLIP RECIPIENT Bethel will lose this post as he is in quick sand in Sea Breeze.

    With all this good news, we must know this will still be an uphill battle!

  7. “Bran” is a stand alone kind of guy – lone wolf. He lost my interest when he suggested that he couldn’t make a PRINCIPLED DECISION about whether or not he supports the sale of BTC to C&W as currently proposed. I STILL DON’T UNDERSTAND THAT ONE. To me it’s like a guy saying he doesn’t know whether or not he is willing to commit adultery, he has to wait and see how “fine” the woman with whom he will “do it” looks (examine the finer details of the offer – if you know what I mean). I think desperation has set in (in The Bahamas) and many of us want someone else so bad (other than Ingraham or Christie)that almost anyone will do. Be careful people.

  8. This is good analysis along with some good laughs at the right places. (You should get someone to proof read your work before you post, though. Too many avoidable errors that distract from the important analysis.)

  9. LMAO!!! Man come on BP, Dr.Rollins? That guy is a political no body, who was ultimately ousted out of his party. The man has no presence at all. Frankly, I would not want him to be apart of my party, especially since I’ve decided to no longer support the FNM. PLP’s watch out!! The man is going to continue to sink the SS PLP, so its best y’all leave him in the back ground. He is nothing short of a lousy opportunistic snake.

    • What amuses me is how suddenly Dr Rollins is a nobody. If he was such a nobody, then why would Mr Christie and Mr Ingraham privately meet this “nobody” and invite him to join their party?

      Be real! If your disappointed with his decision, as many FNM’s I know have said to me, then say so. But to say he is a “nobody” is pure BS!

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