Breaking NEWS <<< Perry Christie has Taken Andre Rollins from the NDP


Andre Rollins

From: S. Andre Rollins
To: Members of the Public and Press
Re: My Decision
Date: February 16, 2011

After giving thoughtful consideration to the unsatisfactory state of the institutional, economic and social progress of our nation; the vastly untapped potential of our islands and our people; and the growing feelings of distrust in government’s desire to create true economic empowerment and an improved quality of life for the maximum number of its citizens, I have concluded that presently our national problems are great, yet a comprehensive plan to solve them has not been articulated; our big dreams and aspirations as a nation, which were heralded by independence, are still largely unrealized; the burdens of our people are too heavy and our opportunities for advancement are too few; our prospects for a bright future are unacceptably dim and in this fast-moving global economy, the time remaining for us to change our circumstances is short, before it becomes too late. Therefore, it is my strong conviction that it is neither wise, nor practical, to continue pursuing the development of a new political party in an environment of scarce resources and weak public demand; where prospects for success are long-term at best; and with so much at stake in our nation’s immediate future. The time to introduce national reform is now. A period pivotal to The Bahamas’ future is at hand.

It is still my belief that Bahamians want to see change in our nation’s politics, because they realize the critical role that government must play in correcting the now regressive course of our national development. However, I am now convinced that most Bahamians are looking for that change to come from within one of the established political parties, rather than from an upstart group of political newcomers. Like them, I share their idealism concerning the imperfections of these parties, but appreciate the importance of pragmatism in strategically solving our national problems.

This appreciation has led me to encourage the leadership of the National Development Party to discuss with the membership, the viability of merging with the major party whose principles and philosophies most closely resemble the principles and philosophies espoused by the NDP, since this will provide the most realistic means of translating NDP ideas into national policies and programs that are crucial for significant future growth and development. It is my view that the Progressive Liberal Party is the only major political organization that meets this fundamental criterion. Just as I believe in our nation’s potential for greatness, despite our present shortcomings, I am also confident that notwithstanding the PLP’s imperfections, this groundbreaking party still possesses the capacity for change.

While most of us concede how strong and compelling the case for such a merger, the current statements and actions of the NDP indicate that they are not now ready to merge. Whatever the party’s ultimate decision, they know that I shall respect their right to proceed as they deem best, yet hold out hope that we will be of one accord; but I have decided to act now; to follow my convictions; and to proudly join the PLP.


S. Andre Rollins, D.M.D.    


  1. @Rashad Amahad

    Your DISAPPROVAL of his decion is noted. His reasons for this decision takes into account FACTS and HISTORY at the level of BAHAMIAN SOCIETY and the POLITICS OF NOW.

    (1) The urgency of the need for the immediate application of solutions that MIGHT REVERSE THE TREND OF PUBLIC POLICIES THAT OBVIOUSLY GIVE THE UPPER-HAND TO NON-BAHAMIANS IN ECONOMIC MATTERS doesn’t allocate the time for formation, public acceptance, and election of a new party. This measure of change, with virtually unknown people at the helm of the move, is too radical an undertaking for many to digest within 5 years (2007 -2012). What is it about these considerations that you don’t understand? Or, are you asserting that your love and concern for us (the public) should empowers you to tell us what to do (i.e. who to vote for)? There is no room at the table of change for those with an elitist attitude.

  2. @Profile
    I hope that calling me an “ass” is not the extent of your capabilities in the rigorous battle to frame opinions. IF so, “JACK ASS” you have your work cutout for you. Now onto the dismantling of your weak, pathetically so, points.

    Unlike you, who seems to FAWN over the PLP, most educated, intelligent (not the same thing as educated and you prove that all day), unbias, politically unaffiliated YOUNG PEOPLE ARE NOT CAUGHT-UP IN THE POLITICS OF EXPEDIENCY. The absence of A CLEAR NATIONAL PLAN, which IS NOT THE SAME THING AS A 5 YEARS CAPITAL PROJECTS WORK LIST (oh no its not the same thing Profile … no kidding) by itself will draw the young, old and every other type of THINKING PERSON. Instead of having THE OLD GUARD HIDE BEHIND THESE YOUNG FACES to feign support of fresh ideas and influence by our young people in policy considerations and party representation at all levels (ask Paul Moss), how about taking a look around in Gambier House during your next visit. Then ask yourself “is the ages I see in here reflective of the ages of the thousands of people that I see at Boxing Day Junkanoo.” I know, I know YOU HATE ME BECAUSE I’M HONEST.

  3. There is nothing articulate or visionary about this statement. If you have to concentrate too much to glean the message, then the communicator is not good.

    The plain and simple fact is that Rollins sees a chance to get elected!

  4. STORM; you are an ass whoever you are. You critize the PLP for not being able to attract the youth (you say) and when the youth come to us you still critize them; what’s up with that ASS?

  5. Only TIME WILL TELL whether or not this is a good move for the political career of Dr. Rollins. In contrast to his decision to link up with the PLP is the clear disenchantment towards both the PLP and FNM by THE VAST MAJORITY OF YOUNG PEOPLE (BETWEEN AGES 18 -34). How he manages to persuade them to embrace the PLP (or FNM if he had joined them) will be a thing to watch. THE PAST DECISIONS (AND INDECISIONS) OF BOTH THE PLP AND FNM HAS BEEN USED BY DR. ROLLINS AS A BAROMETER TO ILLUSTRATE HOW “OUT OF TOUCH WITH THE TIMES THEY A-R-E.” This is going to be at least amusing to watch, if nothing else, as the Dr. Rollins from back then speaking about the leadership, vision and administrative deficiencies of the PLP is compared to his views now. AND IT WILL BE MADE EVEN MORE AMUSING because the PLP has had no opportunity to govern the country since 2007, therefore every HOPEFUL remark made by Dr. Rollins must be cast against a background called “pure speculation” and be dismissive of the real life experiences of one Paul Moss (remember him). Facts that formed the basis of legitimate criticism vs. speculation that things have changed (hope). Things that makes me go hmmmmm. Its political theatre time folks, enjoy the show. Come on Dr. Rollins, if anyone can do this it is you. You always wax eloquent. I have my popcorn and drink in hand, will someone turn up the volume on the radio.

  6. I New name Mr Lizzy commonand the real leader Mr. Perry G. Christie on sush a great move thats real leadership, he aint playing musical chairs moving johnny and replacing him with dr. Sands, he bring real young men in to the party, look at the PYL newly elected chairman and the soon to be young canidate and M.P. to be for north eleuthera.

  7. I smelt something huge happening but did not suspect this to be happening,its huge.Now that this has taken place look for PAPA to get involved in the free agent market as well.Smart move by Dr Rollins as he has scanned the PLP landscape and notices that veterans are about to go to pasture so much space is available for him.

  8. Well, well, well! Dr. Andre Rollins has made a ‘decision’! And like NBA Superstar Lebron ‘King’ James, “I am taking my talents to South Beach”, ‘Oh my bad’, to the PLP! LOL! Let the games begin! Good Luck to him I hope to see other young Bahamian men like Dr. Rollins and also Branville McCartney! Step Now! It ain’t long now! No turning back! It is a matter of TRUST!! Your country needs more young, bright Bahamians! As the late John F. Kennedy said, “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country!!

  9. Whatever the reason for Dr.Rollins choice,the fact is that he made one.He must have felt that the mood in this country for a change and it may be moving towards the PLP.He may have also factored in the fact that he really wants to serve and his best chances are with the PLP.The PLP has the best chance of winning and comments from the MP for Bamboo Town and the deputy chairman of that party supports this view.It is amusing that diehards will always try to muddy the water and not accept that a change is in the air.Progressive thinkers all over this Bahamas are waking up and letting their voices be heard.This election will be for the very soul of our country and Nationalist everywhere are rising to the call of nationhood.For the first time since 1967,we have Ideals and things Bahamian to fight for.

  10. now thats real men one thing with perry. only the best will do i like how perry thinking. pulling in all that young vision and young blood. congratulations dr rollins.

  11. BP didn’t yawl tell people this from last year? Boy these BOULE’ fellas are really something else. His political career is over. Just like the leader of the plp.

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