Dr. Hubert Minnis is now a dangerous ‘Political Assassin’ following his TAKE-TWO this week!


MP felt ill after his attempts to remove the Leader of the Opposition failed!

Governer General Dame Marguerite
Governor General Dame Marguerite’s office was telephoned by minority FNM MPs to have her appoint a new Opposition Leader – but the appointment at Government House had to be canceled!

Nassau, Bahamas – If no one believes the political season is upon us, the scenes from the Parliament that shocked the nation showed that it is evident … and that…. ‘It Ain’t Long Nah’!

On the campus at the College of the Bahamas loud thunders of celebration could be heard upon getting the news how two NDP Members of the lower house had joined the ranks of the FNM!

On Wednesday Bamboo Town MP Renward Wells and Fort Charlotte MP Andre Rollins joined the ranks of the Free National Movement! It was clear that the move caught even the Chippie factions of the party off-guard.

Chippie, Loretta and crew had already made a telephone call to Dame Marguerite Pindling to ask to pay a visit to Government House to make formal communication that they now hold a majority to appoint a new Leader of the Opposition.

But out of the dark, after being pushed into a corner, Dr. Minnis delivered a deadly assassin pill to his detractors, scoring a near fatal political KO to those wanting him out. Dr. Minnis showed up with more new opposition MPs catching his detractors in a trap. Some said the said person seeking the job had just come from the hairdresser and was expected to climb up Government House for the appointment which had to be canceled!

Hon. Greg Moss -
Hon. Greg Moss might now pick up some new FNM MPs to join his new Party set to launch this month!

But what was even worse for the Chippie faction was the fact that not only were students at COB and around the country celebrating, but when Dr. Minnis walked into the FNM Council Meeting to discuss the matter, Members of the Council were overjoyed and began to break out into celebration all the more!

One Member of the Council said, “This is great news for the Party. We want two more PLPs…First we were losing. We, before 2012, were on a losing streak! We lost in Elizabeth! We lost in the General Election! And we lost North Abaco! But from losing, under Dr. Minnis we are winning! We won the Referendum! And with divine help we shall win come 2017! This is no time to change the course. We have them [PLP] on the run!”

At a local store in the city where Dr. Minnis showed up on Thursday following his delivery of the two new FNM MPs, made it almost impossible for the Leader of the Opposition to shop! It turned out to be a mini rally!

All we at BP say is this – We warned the PLP that they have underestimated Dr. Hubert Minnis! But they don’t take advise from us at BAHAMAS PRESS DESE DAYS! They have the people from Canada who just lost an election advising dem! Tough Luck! And to those inside the FNM seeking to depose him we say this – the silent assassin strikes again!

We report yinner decide!

ChipmanMP for St. Annes began feeling ill after Dr. Minnis landed his near lethal political black needle and KO Wednesday in the Parliament. He too boycotted the celebrations by FNMs Wednesday! Will he now join Moss’ new party?



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