Dr. Jonathan Rodgers tells DNA hopeful he is rejected as a candidate in the upcoming elections

Take a good look at the man in the far right of this picture. He is Dr. Jonathan Rodgers another one of the 13 up in the apparatchik of the FNM. Dr. Rodger is a longtime supporter of the FNM and is now one behind the scenes in the DNA. Here he sits with the former Chairman of BTC Julian Francis, the man who sold BTC. We need not introduce the Doll Baby, everyone knows her.


Nassau, Bahamas — There is breaking news happening at this hour as BP is being updated to breaking developments inside the DNA.

In this green news flash a source in the position to know tell us a hopeful candidate for the DNA has just gotten word last evening that he will not be nominated by the FNM breakaway organization in the upcoming general elections.

BP has learnt the hopeful, who has been warned by this website that he will never get a DNA nomination, is said to be devastated by the shocking news.

We understand the scandalous news was delivered to the hopeful by one of the 13 who sits high in the apparatchik of the Party. That individual being the bearer of bad news was Dr. Jonathan Rodgers [Another hardcore FNM running the DNA].

Bahamas Press
warns PLP hopefuls and independents entering the DNA, that there is no room for their ideological views, which differs from the FNM. The DNA is a break-a-way of the FNM nothing more, nothing less! Anna Degregory, Colin Degregroy and now Dr. Jonathan Rodgers are members of the 13 running the DNA! They are all hardcore FNMS who supported Hubert Ingraham and his ‘vicked’ bastardization of the Bahamian people by the FNM!

Bahamas Press stands by our initial reports. Rodney Moncur, though he disbanded his Worker’s Party, will never get a DNA nomination. Steve McKinney, the real mayor of Fort Charlotte, will not be nominated by the DNA. The DNA is the FNM….WATCH the players behind the scene and all you get is THE DAMN FNM!

A vote for the DNA is a VOTE FOR THE DAMN FNM, they are ONE IN THE SAME!


  1. So proud of Sammi Starr and if he gets in, this will big a big encouragement to these young people. Lord knows, they need the encouragement. Yes, Pick him, pick him, he will give you what you need.

    • Kim Sands enlighten me as to wat Sammy Star Stances are. I dont know him from a man in the moon. So help me understand how he has put himself out there to fight for the rights of Bahamian. What would make him such a good MP and please tell me with respect to this’ why u are so proud.

  2. Paul Adderley an Orville Turnquest, both much more brilliant lawyers and politicians than Bran, could never kick start their political careers away from the established parties, nor will Bran.

  3. … as the election draws near, hell will break lose Sure Branville ‘sweet-cheeks’ McCartney is the talk of the town now, when you see the PLP & the FNM kick off .. McCartney will “TAP-OUT” !!

  4. BP, I fully expect the DNA to dissolve back into the FNM 2-3 yrs after the FNM is defeated in the upcoming election and for Branville to become its leader or deputy leader!

    The FNM is a party made up of various interest groups. Your not a player unless you can bring something to the table.

    What we see Bran doing, is building his base and when he sits down at the FNM table in 2-3 yrs, with the FNM following he has attracted, he has to be listened to by the party’s establishment!

    Bahamians need to open their eyes! You have been watching the reemergence of the Cecilites with Bran and the diminishing influence of the Turnquest-Ingraham faction in the FNM!

    The Brent Syomnette group simply sides with the group they think can win and thus protect their interest!

    This entire Branville vs Papa saga is just party infighting that got real nasty! Under Mr Ingraham, the Cecilites voices got drowned out, they were pushed out, ignored, retired from politics or converted to Ingrahamism.

    Open up your eyes Bahamas! Branville isnt who you think he is! He is the leader of the Cecilites in the FNM party, fighting to gain the upper hand again!

    • I am reminded of his repeated line; “I HAVE BEEN AN FNM for 25 years.” He doesn’t cuss the FNM, nor does he say it has been bad for Bahamians. GO FIGURE WHY???


  5. The DNA need to incorporate prospective candidate like Steve MCkinney and Rodney Moncur if they want to appear as a party of inclusion as both are excellent choice. I think Steve will win where ever he runs.

    • Steve and Rodney can win a race on the track if only them two on the track. This is people future we are dealing with, not a game. these people ain’t taking people life serious, all them using this as a game and it is just fun to them.

      • Had he embrace Wells and other third party memmbers he stood a good chance of winning some seats. But he is afraid of anyone challenging him for leadership. The man feels entitled. His looks has taken him along way but he doesn’t have the charisma to lead and he’s a weak speaker unlike Wells, Rollins and Moss who can draw you in and make you believe what their saying. And to go up against veterans like Christie and Ingraham; mannnn thats a mammoth task.

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