Dr. Timothy Stewart elected Bahamian pastor elected to First Vice President, Progressive National Baptist Convention Inc.


Another Bahamian elevated to the Top on the world stage!

Pictured from left to right are; Linville Johnson, Deputy Director African American Market, Bahamas Ministry of Tourism, Fl; Bridgette King, Director of Operations, Bahamas Ministry of Tourism, Fl; Joy Jibrilu, Director General, Bahamas Ministry of Tourism; Sharon Stewart, Wife of Dr. Timothy Stewart; Dr. Timothy Stewart; Sen. The Hon. A.llyson Maynard-Gibson, Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Ricardo Treco, Bahamas Consul General, Miami, and Minister Lavette McFall, Administrator and Executive Secretary Bethel Baptist Church.

The Progressive National Baptist Convention Inc’s (PNBC) 53rdheld in Fort Lauderdale, FL at the Greater Fort Lauderdale Broward County Visitors and Convention Center. The event attracted thousands of delegates. Dr. Timothy Stewart, Pastor of Bethel Baptist Church, Nassau led a Bahamas Delegation of 120 persons. Reverend Stewart who was elected to First Vice President , Progressive National Baptist Convention Inc makes him the first non American to attain his rank within the International organization that boasts a multi-million membership.

In responding to his newly elected post Dr. Stewart said that his position is “simply an opportunity for The Bahamas and the rest of the international community to partner with our brothers and sisters in the USA in order to carry out the work of God through our churches, schools, businesses and through other various forms of relationships”. He added that “ It is also an opportunity for us to enhance the lives of the disenfranchised and those in distress in order to provide a life of empowerment that is needed for their complete development.”

Also elected with key responsibilities were Dr. Ivan Ford Butler, Kemp Road Ministries to the position of Vice President at large, International Region and Sister Lisa Bethel, Administrative Assistant, Bethel Baptist was elected as First Assistant Recording Secretary. Bishop Simeon Hall was the Vice President of the International Region and Minister Lavette McFall, Executive Secretary of Bethel Baptist Church and Administrator to Pastor Stewart was Chairperson of the Campaign Committee and also represented the international Region on the Election Committee.Also on hand to support Pastor Stewart and the Bahamas Delegation was the Director General of the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism, Ms. Joy Jibrilu, Sen. The Honorable Allyson Maynard-Gibson, Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Bahamas Consul General, Miami , Ricardo Treco, Rev. Phillip Bethel, former member of parliament and pastor of Bethel Baptist Association and Senior Representatives of the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism, Florida.

The Progressive National Baptist Convention has held several meetings in The Bahamas and it is through Pastor Stewart’s great influence that the mid- winter Board Meetings were held in Nassau. The Bahamas is being considered for future mid-winter meetings and Annual General Sessions.

Today, The Islands Of The Bahamas is one of the world’s most visited countries by faith-based groups. The Bahamas is one of the most Christian influential nations on earth and the islands offer one of the most paradise-like settings for enjoying spiritual retreats and conferences. Annual Session was recently

The Progressive National Baptist Convention started as a movement that reflected the religious, social, and political climate of its time in 1961. The PNBC movement supported Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s struggle for freedom of African Americans. It was the PNBC that provided a denominational home for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and many of the Baptist leaders in the Civil Rights Movement. The PNBC has grown from 33 members to over 2.5 Million members.