Eastmor Properties Ltd for Lyford Cay and Conville Brown’s Collins Ave development approved by Town Planning…


NASSAU| Eastmor Properties Ltd has been granted approval for its development to proceed in Lyford Cay.

The news came to BP early this morning which will permit a maximum 6 story 50 unit plan for Lyford Cay.

A source at Town Planning told BP, “One of the priorities of our committee is to ensure that Bahamians are aware of and have a say in  applications relative to all major developments in our country.

“In the past year, we created a strong social media presence where we provide the details of these developments and give the general public an opportunity to weigh in. All thoughts and opinions are taken into consideration during our deliberations.

“We believe in true transparency,” the source confirmed.

BP is also learning Dr. CONVILLE BROWN’S 15 story building on Collins Ave. was also approved by Town Planning. That development saw no protest from the public.

We ga report and let yinner decide!