Abaco Children Abused!

Abaco, Bahamas – The Bahamas Education Department continues to shop abusive teachers from school to school and today officials have their hands full once again; this time in Abaco.

Last year parents of students attending the Central Abaco Primary School demanded action from DOE minister, Desmond Bannister, amid a spree of unexplained beatings that were severely executed by the hands of a foreign Guyanese teacher.

 At the time BP was hesitant to report anything on the stories because the Ministry was on a lock-down mode with regard to disclosure of details. However, BP quietly continued to follow the story very closely as our investigative team was dispatched to Abaco and Grand Bahama for a follow-up on these incidents.

Further inquiry into the matter revealed that this same teacher had to be removed from the Sandy Point All Age School by the same DEO for physically abusing the children a year earlier. We can report documented reports after documented report were transcribed, but no decisive action was ever taken. But wait, it gets deeper and a whole lot more salty as reports suggest.

 Given the fact that a report of this magnitude could have been brought to the executive branch in the Ministry of Education, we at least would have expected that the children’s interest and welfare would have been given some consideration. However, the DEO’S way of resolving the matter was simply to move the abusive FOREIGN teacher to another school with a promotion as principal; “Will Mudda take Sick!”

 BP can confirm that DEO, Eleanor Black, breached the laws legislated by a sovereign Parliament and appointed, Simone Pinder, [a Guyanese National] as principal at the Crossing Rocks All Age School.

In a stroke of coincidence, it so happens that this time around the abusive teacher/principal victimized the granddaughter of a former principal of the same school and the injured child had to be temporarily moved to the Sandy Point All Age School. The small and quaint community of Crossing Rocks is fuming as the flames for a riot is being fanned due to the hands of a corrupt, unjust secret society in the Ministry of Education.

BP dedicates this song to the abused children of Abaco.


  1. bp publishing this shit don’t make sense. the track record the superintendent have is excellent. i know she is not insane to still have a abusive teacher working for the ministry of education. i am a resident of sandy point and this is one of the best teachers we ever had. whoever do it why they dont speak da truth when the principal does be cheating for the children giving them all kind a pinder like discipline and order and that is wat my people dont like they like the slackness. people dont like yuh when you doing the right thing.principal you need to stop givijg out information on this teacher cuz guess wat your day coming.i know you are doing it all because you want friends.

  2. Far as I can see, Mrs. Pinder is being picked on because she is a foreigner. First and foremost the foreign teachers are the ones who come here and work very very hard…they have the children best interest at hearts. That parent who reported Mrs. Pinder is a Seventh Day Adventist demon straight from hell. Her sister was the principal at the school and her sister used to cheat for that same child and made her get good grades. Since Mrs. Pinder took over the school and no cheating can go on her mother had a problem. Being a christian and more so an adventist, she is teaching her daughter to lie because the teacher never hit her. Her uncle teaches at the school and he said the teacher never hit her. The problem came about because she can now see the level of her daughter where education is concerned…no more cheating to put her on top. She took her to sandy point school where the cheating princial can cheat for her. one year a student wrote on the GLAT paper that their, the principal gave them the answer. The DEO here on Abaco is a fair woman and a woman of God. They are upset with her because she made a foreigner a principal. Come on people we were all created by God. Stop looking down on the foreign teachers they are a great help to us.

  3. Miss Simone Pinder is one of the best teachers i ever known.She taught my brother an he pass the exams for forest heigh, st fransic.They need to stop lying on that poor woman.They need to remove the singing an dancing principle from the school down here.She give her favorite students all the answers on the GLAT exams an they all pass just too make her self look good.Miss Pinder caught her cheating an open the packs with the exams papers was in an she crazy glue it back.Miss Pinder report it but they didn’t do nothing about it.

  4. This is so sad.. I recall one of the parents from one of the three schools mentioned seeking my legal representation to file a civil law suit against the ministry. I could only tell the parents effected the truth, the powerless has now justice when seeking it against the powerful.

    ” some things will never change, that’s just the way it is”

  5. @AbacoBorn
    So instead of DEO it’s DS and instead of Elenor it’s Lenora. Fish fry, fry fish. The gist of what has been presented hasn’t changed. If you consulted the directory for my phone number you’d find it’s recorded incorrectly. Your point?

  6. This is a very disturbing report. It would not be fair to lump Minister Bannister and DS Black into a “a corrupt, unjust secret society in the Ministry of Education.” Both are professionals, who have a track record that doesn’t reflect that description.

  7. about a thousand years ago while in the 8 grade at S.C,McPherson i was kicked plump in the ass by my woodwork teacher, a skinny white man from england. i struggle with the idea of telling my father because i knew he would have come to school and kick that bitches ass. but i didn’t tell him because he would have been arrested. it so sad so many of us have to struggle with these issues. i was kick plump in the ass. but if i were to see that guy today be asure that there would be payback. mr. shacklady if your still here i haven’t forgotten you.

  8. i don’t know how bp got this,but it is the truth am a relative of both students sandy point and abaco central.this is the 2nd story that i know for a fact is the truth.letters were send to the minister,however nothing was now it is out praise the lord.tell he can’t child also has a doctor report pertaing to this.

  9. we live in the bahamas not the us i teach fa 4yrs at a pre school an i always told people teachers dont beat students dats the parents job not ours but in the same token i feel if we are good enough to take care of your angels we should be able ta disciplin our students.teachers should spank am not down with da abuse ting doe.for the love of me i dont understand y whould a teacher abuse someone else child an remember people its 3 sides to every story the child side the teacher side an wen both parties come togeather the may be the teacher is not from here but all is innocent tell proven guilty that my five cents.

  10. They need to work harder on tackling these unfit teachers at the schools. Who or what gives them the right to put their hands on these kids and abuse them? That right there is foul and pure f***ery, these teachers need to all get hammed…I’m Disturbed…SMH!

    • It’s true that teachers should not be abusive. but I wouldn’t be too fast to believe EVERY thing BP has said. 1) they can’t get simple easy facts straight like the name of the DEO and the name of the school. You can find that in a phonebook, yet they have it wrong. makes ya wonder and think.

  11. Bp you know i was told by a young man out of Freeport who now in his 40s that while attending school two of the female teachers use to go to bed with him so this dont just start, students just speaking out now but it was long in the school system from as back as the early 70s they are Bahamian so we need to check those women too they doing a lot just like the men, they just haven’t get caught as yet

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