Eighteen persons fired from Gaming Board last week. Managers to go this coming week…


One woman was fired while on leave and her letter was delivered to her home! FNM government takes advice from the IMF to fire 40% of the civil service

Gaming Board offices at Centerville House.

Nassau – If there is any example that exemplifies the theme of the FNM “It’s the People’s Time” it was seen last week Friday when the Gaming Board dismissed some 18 employees and made their positions redundant.

One by one Friday morning, past staff members collected their letters to join the unemployment line. One woman who we will call “Lady B” was so eager to fire her colleague that she took the letter of termination to the co-worker’s house to tell the worker “It’s the People’s Time”!

The law protects an individual from being terminated if they are out sick or on leave. But the dumb Human Resources personnel at the Gaming Board didn’t know any better and had the co-worker aka VICTIMIZER deliver the letter to a sick employee’s home.

BP now understands that this is not the end as the FNM government takes advice from the IMF to fire 40% of the civil service.

We understand this week more terminations are to come as another team of managers at the Gaming Board are slated to be sent home just before Christmas and the holidays begin.

It’s Da People’s Time!

We report yinner decide!