Employee says web shop on Bimini with funds in her care robbed!? But when was the robbery?


Paradise Games robbed on Saturday on Bimini?

Bimini Bahamas
Bimini Bahamas

Bailey Town, Bimini – A web shop on the island of Bimini is facing huge losses today after thousands of dollars in transport to New Providence vanished.

BP has learnt an employee at Paradise Island Games is in hiding today after money in her care was reportedly stolen.

BP learnt of the news while on the big Road Fever parade, and while residents in New Providence were helping themselves to fun on the road someone in Bimini was helping their way into a bag full with gaming money.

Sources confirmed the employee told authorities she was about to transport funds via the airport when she was robbed of all the gaming funds.

Some believe there was never a robbery and that the employee fleeced the money. All we say is that feathers cost money and today is Mother’s Day.

Police is investigating! Who robbed Paradise Game?

We report yinner decide!