Exuma and Ragged Island must NOT choose the candidate who failed her LLB exams and quit!

Senator Jennifer Isaacs-Dotson (@IsaacsDotson) | Twitter

EXUMA| Senator Jennie Dotson Isaac’s aka Jennie “O” is on the block after failing her law exams. 

That’s right!  The woman who was at UB for years failed the LLB exams and quit.

She had nothing to do. Was a sitting dropout, all that money wasted. All this unfolded just in Spring 2020. 
She couldn’t pass the bar, and so, the FNM decided to place her in a seat as a sitting duck!

The next thing we knew, Jennie “O” was available so they decided to run to be an MP. WHAT A WASTED THOUGHT!

Exuma doesn’t need no failure. It does not need anyone without a plan. It needs no one who is just a sidekick of failure. Or a Poster GIRL for failure. And surely Exuma don’t need no quitters!

The Islands of Exuma and Ragged Island need a Leader. A Visionary Representative. It needs CHESTER COOPER WHO WILL SIT AROUND THE TABLE AND MAKE REAL CHANGE FOR THE COMMUNITY AND THE BAHAMAS!

We report yinner decide!