Govt sells mansion to John Pinder for $190,000


Will any of John kids be selling drugs out of this new place?

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John Pinder

NASSAU| Under the Minnis Administration, Resolve Bahamas sold an Eastern New Providence mansion valued at over half a million dollars to Free National Movement candidate John Pinder for a meager price of $190,000 with no down payment.

With value added tax (VAT), the purchase price is $243,000.

The previous owner of the palatial home in Winton Heights defaulted on his mortgage with Bank of the Bahamas. The Minnis Administration then worked out a deal for Pinder to get a mortgage for the home through Bahamas Mortgage Corporation in January 2020.

While thousands of Bahamians are struggling to get approved for a mortgage, BMC approved a 10-year mortgage for the Fox Hill candidate at age 59 – a practice that is highly unusual.

Was this sweetheart deal part of the package to convince the former labour director to step down from the senior government post and run for the FNM?

It will be interesting to see how Pinder will pay his mortgage if he loses the Fox Hill race and the governing FNM loses the September 16 General Election.

Located in Winton Heights Subdivision, the gated house property is 15,449 square feet and contains a cottage, swimming pool and deck area.

Though corruption has been a campaign speech staple for Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis this election season, he sure has a way of using government resources and funds to fix up his cronies and turn a blind eye to damning allegations of corruption by members of his administration.

Will voters buy Minnis’ campaign rhetoric this time around or will they see through his empty words?

Time will soon tell.