Family of Bismark Coakley Kicks Prince Hall Lodge Out of Graveyard


BP live on the scene where the Prince Hall members got the boot!
BP live on the scene where the Prince Hall members got the boot!

Clearly animosity was running rampant at the funeral of the late Past Grand Master Bismark Coakley as dirty looks were being exchanged between family members who were trying to out do each other to collect those fat checks left by lodge man Bismark. HOWEVER, what stole the show at the end of the day was the first born son of Bismark, a lodge man himself, standing atop a grave and screaming at the top of his voice as he commanded Prince Hall Masons to “get from round my daddy coffin.”

The shocked Prince Hall Masons made an about turn and filed out of the graveyard pretending that their leaving was all a part of the Masonic graveside act that they put on for awe filled on lookers but Jarrod Coakley, the son of the late Bismark, would not not let up and kept bellowing, “You’ll niggers are so damn disrespectful! Get from round my daddy coffin”. 

BP’s agent on the ground gave the background on the story. The day dreaming Earl Francis, Worshipful Master of Royal Eagle Lodge #1, the lodge that Bismark was a part of and which he donated heavily to, was brazen enough to send a bill to the grieving family for a memorial held at the lodge hall. the family questioned the bill and without batting an eye, the daydreamer demanded that the bill was paid. 

Needless to say the Prince Hall Memorial  was poorly attended by the family and and they voiced their concerns over the bill because, “Daddy gave plenty money to Prince Hall”. The family waited patiently for the funeral service on Sunday and left no seating for the Masons after they marched from the lodge hall in Grand style and flair. About four old time members of Prince Hall were allowed to sit but NOT the hapless Masons who arrived from the march sweating like slaves in a cotton field ready to be seated and waited upon. 

The Masons, who did not pick up on the snub, marched back up the hill to their lodge hall to rest until the funeral service was complete. The Coakley family allowed the Prince Hall Masons to escort the body to the graveyard and watch as the priest did the graveyard service but when they stepped in to perform the Masonic Burial Rituals, Jarrod made it clear to them that the family was not having it. 

So Bismark Coakley, the big time Mason, went down in St. Agnes Cemetery with no Masonic Burial because ONCE AGAIN, Prince Hall Lodge, especially Royal Eagle Lodge could not get it right. Good Masons stood by and watched as this terrible deed was repaid in the graveyard, knowing that had they been in charge of that lodge, it would never have happened.

This is what happens when little boys are put in place to run historic lodges when competent people can be doing it. 

The dark horses are assembling again.