Fast Talking Vanderpool Wallace Master of Spin!


vwallace-copyNassau, BahamasBahamas Press is disturbed to hear Curly, the man overseeing the worse crisis tourism has seen in the country’s history. Vincent Vanderpool Wallace who lives in a hotel on Cable Street could be heard in the Senate talking all manner of untruths about the state of Tourism in the country.

We are disturbed when we hear his pronouncements. Vincent opened his contributions saying the state of Tourism in the country is not as bad as it was anticipated. He suggests the country is fearing well.

Could Vincent be living somewhere in Aruba? What kind of hellish report could he be giving the Senate? We detest his shameful misrepresentation of the truth when it comes to the state of Tourism in the Bahamas.

Vincent forgot things are so bad in Tourism Kerzner laid off more than 1,200 workers.

Vincent seems to forget things are so bad in Tourism both the RIU and Wyndham closed their doors and thousands of bookings never materialized.

Vincent forgets the very property he lives, Baha Mar cannot find a stable buyer to join them and is now being threatened by lenders to close.

Vincent forgot the Four Seasons closed its doors and hundreds more were sent home.

What country was he in when the Miss Universe Pageant cost the taxpayers $6 million and in return not a dime profited for the country? Only Donald Trump commented on the roads.

Hotel workers are still on two day shifts; taxi drivers and straw vendors are falling sleep on the job because of the lack of work.

Vincent contributions today reminds us of Tommy T’s last report when he told the Parliament attempted robbery was down adding, “We don’t talk about the good things when it comes to crime.” Hmmmmmmmm! Of-course attempted robbery is down cause break-ins and home invasions are UP! What kind of deflection is this?

Hubert should hang his head down in shame to see all these lies being spewed by his failed ministers. We are not moved by their spin. In fact we are numbed by their diatribe and we tell them all to wake-up and smell the ‘cerasee’!


  1. Truth you are clueless, Truth we have had Canadians tourist here for years in the past, Truth we have had European Tourist here by the score in the past, Truth we have had Japanese tourist here by the loads back in the early and mid nineties, what is new there, what are you talking about “Talking Fool Is A Very Serious Ting”, like one love said, get off of Wallace’s tip dude, now you on about the IMF, if I remember correctly the IMF said we would had a growth, and then came STOP, REVIEW & CANCEL, that’s what the IMF said in so many words, stop trying to make up stuff guy, how old are you?, why haven’t we diversified our economy, HAI said nothing happening, when will Tourism diversify, they need new ideas, Wallace’s ideas are played out like the Jeri Curls.

  2. Ministry of Tourism job is to PROMOTE the country. 2007 to now its been a recession Worldwide mainly in The US. The Bahamas main tourist product is Mass Tourism and our visitors are predominantly AMERICANS. Keeping in mind the THREE MAJOR POINTS of Tourism….What did Mr. Wallace do as acting Minister of Tourism?1. Wallace has change our main source of tourist arrivals from Flight arrivals to Cruise Ships which has proven to generate more MONEY. 2. He has changed The Bahamas tourism target from Americans to European Market, Canadian Market and Latin-America Market by promotions.If Tourism stop promotions now then there will completely shut down the country. We are rather new to The European Market, Canadian Market and Asian Market therefore the wise thing for Tourism did was to PROMOTE AREAS where we have lacked in the past AND AREAS that are not hit so hard by the recession.WHAT DO YOU EXPECT WALLACE TO DO. For me he has changed the market which was a good idea but I dont understand what more you want him to do?You talk so heavily about proof in the pudding well STATISTICS IS PROOF. BUT YOU REFUSE to agree with statistics and saying its fabricated. ” And the IMF analysis warned that tourist-dependent countries such as the Bahamas were likely to experience a relatively long recession compared to other nations, because the consumer confidence and employment levels in developed countries, upon which they depended, typically lagged behind output recoveries.” International Monetary Fund (IMF). To bring it down to your level, IMF insinuates that tourist-dependent countries thats countries that DEPEND SOLELY on TOURISM Like The Bahamas. Will experience a LONGER recession compared to others MAINLY because it will take The Bahamas Tourist Market time to recover and pay off their debts then decide to travel here. So to answer your question READ BETWEEN the lines YOU CAN NOT EXPECT People to provide jobs within Hotels NOW because of The Recession and it will be LONGER FOR US TO RECOVER because we must wait on American Market. If you dont want to listen to STATISTICS well hey that’s you but how the hell you expect us to know where we are and where we are expected to be WITHOUT STATISTICS. Instead of INVESTING In ONLY AMERICA Wallace invest in other markets. So what you expect him to do NEXT THEN? Dont invest nothing?

  3. You have to remeber that Mr. Wallace is on his way out to work at Atlantis so he haveto continue to shoot crap to the Bahamian people. Paradise Island is not the Bahamaa Mr. Wallace. Grand Bahma alone have only 1,000 rooms available for our Guest to stay. If there is other please let me know. Talking fool is a avery serious thing Mr Vanderpool Wallace

  4. But Truth you are talking out of both sides of your mouth, my boy you are talking bout recession, recession, recession, hotels ain’t hiring, then what is Wallace doing?, the talking points that was handed to you are flawed, speaking of COMPLETE FOOL, you need to find a clue for your argument, where is the PROOF Truth?, writing something down, does not make it true ma’boy, so what you are saying is that no hiring, more layoffs, no tourist, etc., that makes Wallace a good Minister, yes you are delusional dog, but like I said before, the “proof is in the pudding”, where is the pudding?. You are contradicting yourself straight through, by your reasoning “we should not advertise right now at least not until 2011, no one is gonna travel anyway” right?, but again, are we allocating our monies in the right places?, I say no,
    you say WHAT?, you speak with fork tongue, for your political endz, time will tell who is right on this, and I know it will be me, who is correct on this, Wallace is one of the worst Tourism Ministers in my lifetime, only Neko is worst than he is.

  5. Your not getting the BIG PICTURE. You would have to be very new to fundamentals of Business to expect HOTELS to need more workers. Like I said Tourism is a SERVICE INDUSTRY it is also a fragile one also. Let me remind you that in 2007 to 2009 we’ve been in a RECESSION. You expect people to travel in BIG numbers when they are unsure about their financial security?……. Its utter nonsense to think that you cant just fix people decision to travel over night. ” The Proof is in the pudding” You would have to be new to business to think THAT HOTELS(BUSINESS) would hire persons when the recession is basically recovering and economist are unsure with the time span of full recovery. Ministry of Tourism has nothing to do with Hotel’s decision to hire or fire persons that POINT BLANK. And The Hotels are not obligated to hire anybody when they are UNSURE ABOUT THE ECONOMY. The proof is in the pudding. Wallace is performing and you CANT blame him for hotels not hiring. YOU DON’T KNOW THAT HOTELS have A HIERARCHY which plan the allocation of funds. This same philosophy goes to Families decision to CUT BACK.  It would be COMMON SENSE to cut back or limit their resources so that they can PLAN for the UNEXPECTED.  Every BUSINESS is affected by the RECESSION. What worked before 2006 wont work now because of the RECESSION. So you expect tourist to travel when they have no job, when they are planning for the worse, when there is no uncertainty on the job? COME ON. TOURISM IS FRAGILE what do you expect? BIG NUMBERS or MANAGEABLE NUMBERS.  Wallace has changed the tourism product and STATISTICS you dont want to comprehend states it all. YOU CAN NOT EXPECT A SUDDEN CHANGE IN Hotel’s DECISION TO EMPLOY RIGHT NOW. THE PROOF is in the pudding.  WHAT DO YOU EXPECT NOW? YOU EXPECT 2007 figures? JUST take a look at CNN, World News which insinuates that the economy is starting to catch up but there’s no specific time span they expect the full RECOVERY some stated that they expect it in 2011. SO WHEN YOU WANT TO TALK ABOUT THE PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING You would have to be a COMPLETE FOOL to think that TRAVELING would be the first plan for persons recovering from a RECESSION.

  6. Truth, yes ask the store owners, and all those you said to ask, but I said to check those who man our entry points also, they have the real numbers, you are a perfect sheep though, and I hope your getting yours, whatever you are looking for, ……so because Senator Maynard applauds him that means that he is doing a good job?, cow turds!!, again there is no proof in peoples pockets, where are is the hirings because these hotels need more workers, where?, where?, like I said “The Proof Is In The Pudding”, and you and Vanderpool gats no pudding, and one more thing, because you are being picked apart here, this article is about the FNM, because he is their Minister, and the leader is called a PRIME Minister, and he leads(heads) his CABINET, and the failure is on the FNM, who governs the country now, Vanderpool’s incompetence is the HAI’s fault(FNM’s leader), since it is he who put him there, Vanderpool is out of his league on this.

  7. Tuth your making plent sense. Awakened refuse to agree with he figure which proves that your right. Good Debate though.

  8. Its not my fault that you think the ALL OF THE MEDIA Outlets are fabricated. And if you worked in the ground department either the ministry of tourism, one of the transport facilities or shopping arenas you would see that their have been a rise in tourist arrivals from Europe, Canada, Latin and America. Its funny you stated that his ideas are not invented by him which is actually correct but HE IS EXECUTING it. ” white Bahamian or foreigner work with the FNM crew and work more favorable with them, please don’t miss construed my words, ya’ll always complaining about BP, and them being biased” THAT’S your perspective. Its not my fault that you think the FNM is this and that. This particular blog is not about THE FNM this is about the Ministry of Tourism.  When I am giving STATITISC your saying its fabricated…. So whats the figures like?…. And forgive me for my memory but I never recall Bradley Roberts talking about Wallace’s performance?. Even the former Minister of Tourism under the PLP have little to say about Mr. Wallace’s performance. Senator Allyson Maynard continues to applaud Mr. Wallace on his performance as minister. You can afford to ignore STATISTICS thats your rights but its very bias that you think everything is fabricated at least ask a tourism official, ask store merchants near downtown, ask hotel employees, airline agents if they don’t see a rise in travelers from Europe, Canada, and Latin America. You said show you the figures I PRESENT THEM, ZNS, JCN, CABLE 12 and all of the newspapers. The Bahamas had  5.9 per cent increase in total visitors for 2009. If you want to say its FABRICATED well go right ahead but FACTS Show that tourist from certain counties/regions are UP!

  9. Look here “Truth”, this may be a little to deep for you to comprehend, but the substance is that “there is no pudding”, that’s where you find the proof eh!?, do you get it?, I have shown you many points, but it is true, you are biased, if tourist numbers are up, then he is doing his job correct, where is the financial injection into the economy, you are saying because certain media outlets say something, that it is true, “WRONG”, these reporters are just that “REPORTERS”, they report what the Govt. Dept. or other media house sends them without checking if it’s true, and just read it to the public, you know that?, use that tool between you ears, so I am suppose to fall for it hook, line and sinker?, you “Truth ” are suppose to be more aware than you are, read through the garbage, go and investigate these things for yourself, on the ground we know the truth, check immigration, customs, Finance Ministry, or ask someone  you truly know from Tourism and they will tell you that numbers are way down, yet you say European and Canadian number are up?, don’t let people piss on ya head, and then tell you it’s rainin’ ma’boy, I have no reason to be bias, Wallace is clueless to Tourism, his ideas are prehistoric, played out, his mind set is not of local Bahamians, and sense is sense, if he is executing the idea and getting no positive results, how stupid is he then, the only other person that was more lost than him, was Carl Bethel and that’s in any post he headed.

    Apparently you got my statement wrong and now I understand why you are the way you are, I said the FNM is good at promotions, and getting their message out there,  most of the media outlets are on there side, the white Bahamian or foreigner work with the FNM crew and work more favorable with them, please don’t miss construed my words, ya’ll always complaining about BP, and them being biased, so why can’t anyone else do it, when Bradley Roberts drops a bomb on the FNM, the FNM spin room quickly comes back with a response, point is, that if Roberts story was true or not, and if their response was true, the media houses read them, they read lies, from both sides, are you getting this?.

    Give me some of that Kool Aid your drinking that stuff is killer, all of your points, at the end of your last blog are total crap, there were more ship passengers than airline for the last fifteen years or more, he had nothing to do with ship passenger numbers being more than airline numbers, you see what I am saying, you think because you say something, that it’s right, “HELL NO!”, you are bringing the point of this article thought, that Wallace is the Master Of Spin”, a con artist, who just talks and sells us bunk.

  10. See um your coming off as being bias. This article is about Wallace and not about Hubiggty. You are very quick to condemn him without any substance. I understand the point about Miss Universe misused of funds. But I think your bias in regards to Mr. Wallace’s performance. I stated that Mr. Wallace has focused on the FAMILY ISLANDS and Specialty Tourism. You responded by saying he didn’t create the idea which is absolutely correct. But he’s the only one who is executing it. I’ve gave you STATISTICS showing that there are a surplus of tourist from Canada and Europe, you felt it was fabricated because ZNS issued the story and JCN and CABLE 12 issued the same data. I’ve stated that he and his ministry has CHANGED Tourism target audience from Americans to now Europeans and Canadians. The results show that they have had a significant increase. You felt the Ministry shouldve promote more of a authentic appeal of Bahamians. You agreed that Wallace’s administration is good at promotion. The question remains what else do you expect the Ministry to do?….. The aim of the ministry is to PROMOTE. Wallace has done that very well and from a business point of view FLAWLESSLY. The main performance I feel Mr. Wallace has done very very well was:1. Changing our Target Market from America to now Europe, Latin America and Canada.

    2. Enhance our target market by focusing on certain states in America which has suffered LESS from the recession.

    3.  Change our main tourist arrivals from flights arrivals to now Cruise ships arrivals.

    4.  Numerous visitors prefer a short flight and so the ministry has being working with airline and cruise ships to look at revenue management or Yield management.

    5.  Worked with numerous governments, numerous airlines, numerous cruise ships, numerous SPECIALTY TOURISM GROUPS and making new initiatives for PRICING.

  11. Truth my boy, that is just it, he is talking and talking and talking, where and what are the results of these plans he have put in place, he and his cronies have lied about the up swing in tourist the Bahamas have received because of Ms. Universe, show me boost in tourist numbers because of something he has done, Obie is not the Minister, that was the past, again what is Wallace doing?, I say again “results”, bottom line, numbers, and I am after all of them especially HAI, who is a one man army, with no ideas, again the family island think is not new, Butch Stuart them does fly in their own people, and changing a market is no great idea, he has been in the game to long to be so lousy, he has to learn to think outside the box, I think the FNM needs to go, they have no clue on how to run our affairs.

  12. But matters make no difference he is acting on the ideas and its paying off. I just don’t get what more you want out of the ministry?…. When was Wilcombe was minister what did he do? When Neko Grant was minister what did he do? You get me Wallace has performed by changing The Bahamas targeted market, promoting more family islands, working with hotels, airlines governments around the world,compensating tourist who were injured by our criminals, and executing on Specialty tourism idea. You want him to promote Bahamians more well ok I understand. But Wallace is performing instead of talking. The persons you should be after is Zhivargo Laing, Brent Symonette (immigration), Earl Deveaux, Neko Grant, Dion Foulkes, Tommy Turnquest and Byran Woodside.

  13. Truth, I am enjoying this banter back and forward with you, I won’t lie about that, but you are not proving anything to me on his job great performance, as long as he has been in the Tourism game, we(the Bahamian people) expect better, much better, he has the largest or next to largest budget, their ads does not focus on us enough, they are a shame of us, these guys, they hate their own Truth, as soon as he does something ground breaking in Tourism and stop the same old ideas that some foreigner keeps telling him is the way to go, then I may be impressed, he needs new strategies, and on the Obie thing, I kind of feel the same way about Wallace, but I hate typing his name also.

  14. Well I understand what your trying to say but I still dont think that figures are incorrect or fabricated.  But you do have a MAJOR GOOD point about THE MISS UNIVERSE misused funds. I also  think Obie Wilcombe was mediocre to be honest I wouldn’t mention the current Minister of Works when he was Minister of Tourism. BUT point I was stressing is that Ministry of Tourism has done a outstanding job in reference to promotion of SPECIALTY TOURISM. 

    Also, I feel the Ministry of Tourism job is to promote the country so that it can bring in tourist. I dont want to sound out of touch but I still feel that its not the ministry of tourism fault that so many persons are unemployed… that is expected during a recession. But I just want to point out Kerzner didnt have to let go all of those person but he did that to limit his output so that they can focus on their  other Atlantis is Dubai. That’s just BUSINESS.

    So  this site is insinuating its Wallace’s and the ministry fault that they don’t perform. Also from a Business point of view Its not the ministry fault that The Bahamas Price of living is very high compared to Dubai and Jamaica.  Wallace always states that we must take advantage of our proximity but if our prices are basically the same compared to Jamaica and Dubai. Tourist would rather a more EXOTIC PLACE. So Wallace WORKED with other airlines and governments that offer discount packages for persons who come in groups. And also certain AIRLINE DISTRICTS in metropolitan cities like Atlanta and Detroit in the US making it more easier to transport in The Bahamas. Numerous visitors prefer a short flight and so the ministry has being working with airline carries to look at revenue management or Yield management. So Wallace and the ministry has been PROMOTING and also working with airlines to reduce prices so that prices are very similar to prices in FLORIDA like a domestic state in the US.

    I never seen a MINISTER done that while in office and I wont even mention Obie Wilcombe’s name when he was minister.

  15. Yep Truth, again that is an old idea, back in the day, Tourism capitalize on trying to push the Out Islands not as much as they are pushing them now, even under Obie Wilchcombe, they targeted the Out Islands, the only thing is, these guys know how to work their public relations
    better, maybe I said that wrong, the truth is the mass media happens to be on their(FNM) side so they cover them more than
    they covered the PLP,(Tribune and it’s many stations, Guardian, Freeport,  News, Punch, BIS, the Govt. station etc.).

    ZNS is garbage!!!, whichever govt. is in power, they shove their bias tongues so far up their rectums, I don’t trust anything ZNS reports, in fact I hardly ever listen or watch them, and that is whoever is in PLP or FNM, when the FNM in Beverley Curry , Shenique MIller and Jerome Swayer are their darlings, when the PLP is in, Opal Roach and some other geeks are the PLP puppets, I don’t trust’em, (the Govt.) those books are cooked.

    I keep hearing about recession this, recession that, this is an excuse to shift the blame off of them, “NIggers do ya’ll job”, they ain’t got Bill Clinton to protect them now, when things were good, they took the credit, take it now, and for these bozos not to take responsibility for their blunders, Jamaica’s Tourism is fine, Dubai’s Tourism is fine, their are many others, go online and check, if this govt. would only invest in it’s people we would all see a change, “Stop, Review & Cancel”, get back to cultural programs, Goombay downtown, the little tourist we get need to see something that is ours, listen to the radio, you would think that you are in America or Jamaica, and we can’t even imitate them half as good, you can’t beat an American or Jamaican being American or Jamaican,

    And yes I do blame the govt., for wasting our monies on Ms. Universe, fixing roads, and again another road works project coming up, how is the out islands to feel, when all of the public funds keeps getting shelled out for Nassau roads every 6 months or so, yes I do blame them,
    and ships, that harbour dredging was a waste, even if the PLP had done it, and I’m no PLP either, invest that money in the Bahamian people, set up a fish farms, a massive fishing industry, where on every island there are fish farms, every island specializes in a different seafood product, and a central base would deal with setting up the business of exporting the seafood product to Europe, Japan all over the world, is this idea recession proof?, yes it is, these guys are clueless, and only look out for their special interest groups, and I give Wallace a D- for doing his job until he shows me different, and for speaking I give him a B+, he is a good bull skater..

  16. Awakened your right but he’s the only minister who I have ever seen who has put in place measures for BRANDING ISLANDS.  It was HIS IDEA to change Tourism targeted market to Canadians and Europeans and if you look at

    STATISTICS people arriving from Canada, Asia, Europe is up. Also it come down to SPECIALTY vs Mass Tourism. Specialty tourism example can be culture just take a note of the AD’s Commercials which Ministry of Tourism try to promote since Wallace came to office. Wallace have made some mistakes but I still see him as one of the best ministers for tourism.

    So are you QUESTIONING STATISTICS? ZNS stated a few minutes ago that FLIGHT PASSENGERS from Canada and Non speaking countries have gone up substantially. I Personally feel Wallace is one of the BEST persons in the ever so lost FNM Government. I grade him a A-. Just look at CRUISE SHIPS. Since Wallace has been Minister he had target CRUISE SHIPS which is Holding TOURISM afloat.

    I mean I fully understand what your saying about unemployment but you must be REALISTIC. You expect Tourism to be like how it used to be during a recession? Statistics shows that Bahamian targeted market is Americans. Reality is recession hit our MAIN SOURCE. So Unemployment is expected to go down. Its NOT Wallace’s fault that The Bahamas main industry is TOURISM which is a fragile industry. Reality is our main source is going through a recession and to see a vast increase is unrealistic for now.

    Would you travel knowing that your jobless or your job is not secure?….. THAT’S THE QUESTION AMERICANS are thinking. So When you talk about unemployment you simply blaming Wallace for something he has NOT MUCH-VERY LITTLE CONTROL OVER? This BLAMING GOVERNMENT FOR UNEMPLOYMENT has to be more FAIR. Its everybody fault that our Industry is a fragile one?. YOU CANT EXPECT THE SAME RESULTS during 2006.  In a recession all business are affected by tourism some way.

    Lets see who do you think can produce better results and what do you expect from The MINISTER and how long do you think he/she can fix the problem?

  17. @ Truth, and I have to disagree with you also, the branding each island idea is an old one, and I don’t see any proof of them branding each island, the real push should be in trying to make the Bahamas more culturally sound, instead of our Bahamas looking and sounding like America or Jamaica, we should be finding ourselves, and advertise and promote that, there so much more to add to this, but I don’t want to run on to long,  and there is no proof that our Tourism numbers have gone up by 1%, these guys shoot numbers out of their rectums and we are suppose to believe it, like how they keep the unemployment numbers down, HAI and his team including Wallace are clueless, the best man on the job right now is Minnis, and he isn’t all that, I’m dead serious, their bench is swallow.

  18. Altec, Now your making more good questions. I dont know why you mentioned that stupid man name for Zhivargo Laing hes a arrogant fool who think he knows it all.

  19. @Awakaned, No disrespect but I have to disagree with you. Wallace is slowly changing our TOURISM PRODUCT from Mass Tourism (sun, sand and sea) to more specialty tourism (branding each island).  I dont know what much people need out of his ministry because this a s SERVICE industry and its way harder to see results. We understand fully that TOURISM is slowly declining but I see plenty inititiaves out of him to try change our TARGET MARKET.  We depend on the US market and Wallace has made sufficient ideas and provisions to change that too the EUROPEAN MARKET and target more US metropolitan cities which is not that badly affected by the recession. EXAMPLE: He has worked with airlines and other governments to try market The BAHAMAS in their countries in London, China, Paris and Germany. I find this BLOG insinuating that “Vincent forgot things are so bad in Tourism Kerzner laid off more than 1,200 workers.” to be a very damaging but unfair. Ministry of Tourism has the right to tell Kerzener who should be HIRED OR LAID-OFF? I thought Tourism Ministry job is to sell TOURISM.  I’m not fond of most of the FNM’s ministers but I think hes one of the best.  This DEPENDING ON GOVERNMENT needs to stop and I honestly feel this blog is misleading STATISTICS. If tourist arrivals are up by 1% its UP point blank and I feel sorry for 2000 odd persons who lost their jobs but from a BUSINESS POINT OF VIEW thats up to KERZNER and NOT The ministry of tourism.  Yal know for a fact that Kerzner couldve afford to pay all those persons but refuse too because they want to LIMIT ther workforce and they just blamed it on the RECESSION. THATS BUSINESS!

  20. Truth, the only question i have to ask Mr Wallace is this; if things are better than expected, then what where they expecting? That is what Mr Wallace isnt saying.

    Remember in mid 2008 when Mr Laing said the country wasnt in a recession when it and the entire world was? Lol! These guys are blowing smoke up you know where. They know just how bad it is and they are shocked because they dont know what to do.

    You see the ultimatum HAI put to the Bay Street Boys who are behind the moving of the port to Saunders Beach? They ALL OF A SUDDEN have to chip in $1 million EACH or the port will be 80% government owned. The port relocation was suppose to cost 65 million. Now when HAI and the Bay St Boys were hatching this plot back in 2006, you think them Bay Street Boys was expecting to pony up that kind of money up front? HELL NO! Why HAI put the switch on them?

    I will tell you why. The treasury is broke and the economy is in shambles. The government cant afford it. The way things are going, that Port aint moving to Saunders Beach anytime soon.

    The FNM knows just how bad it is. What you are seeing out of Ministers like Mr Wallace is simply an attempt to put lipstick on a pig.

  21. A car salesman is the most conniving person alive so you be the judge.From the FNM came to power they have touted some persons who they love as the best and just look at what we are getting.The mirage affect has shown itself for exactly what it is just a pile of garbage.Everytime I hear the phrase,”it is good that PAPA is in charge during these hard economic times” I vomit.Only FNMs are happy and getting all the meat.Earl Deveaux is finally admitting that corruption exists at Environmental Health Services after denying it in the HOA last week.The FNM Govt is crumbling in our view and only pride is stopping PAPA from calling a General Election right now.Wallace like DR Sands has chosen the wrong party to represent the people.10/10 the BIBLE 10.

  22. @Truth, now you know why the HAI Cabinet is so lousy, if you think that he is one of the best, our Tourism product is in big trouble, this guy is clueless, by his pass as Director GeneralOf Tourism, he had no revolutionary ideas, he only has big words, he is a snake oil salesman, he says what he has to make his lie sound good, because they all have the perception that Bahamian people are fools, Branville has shown us who he really is, with his big talk but no substance, now we see where he is, it won’t be long before Vanderpool get’s his, these guys use the media to deceive the public, wait until we get the true tourism numbers, under his administration Vanderpool is a true Boule.

  23. This is Garbage! Vincent has been one of the best ministers in this mediocre cabinet. I actually think hes one of the best minister of tourism. This site sometimes hit the spot but I think this site is somewhat bias towards some people.

  24. Vincent Vanderpool is the consumate con man. He can lay on one big pile of shit and swear it was Gully Wash! He gets you drunk as the fast talking hot shot who tries to explain away the horrible pain we are feeling in the tourism sector. As a tourism professional I have produce several themed events that attracted over 300 people and could have easily been adopted gthese programs to benefit other islands. My ideas were slapped aside as non productive ideas that they could not get credit for. So Vince would rather see the business dissappear and go to a competitor island. What an asinine fool you are for trying to brainwash intelligent Bahamians that he has done such a wonderful job which he failed at miserably. Vince you are a  schmuck. You have no trust with good ideas and should reach out to those who are those who present good ideas and are willing to bring quality groups to our islands in the Bahamas. Remember anybody can talk the talk but you have to WALK THE WALK!! Sit down shut up and support the people who know how to promote the country without you taking all their glory.Vince, you did not invent Island Hoppers Bahaams…I did!

  25. Vincent Vanderpool is the consumate con man. He can one big pile of shit and swear it was Gully Wash! He gets you drunk as the fast talking hot shot tries to explain away the horrible pain we are feeling in the tourism sector. As a tourism professional I have produce several themed events that attracted over 300 people and could have easily been adopted to benefit other islands. My ideas were slapped aside as non productive ideas that they could not get credit for so Vince would rather see the business dissappear and go to a competitor island. What and asinine fool Vince is for tryint to brainwash intelligent Bahamians that he has done such a wonderful job which he failed at miserably. Vince you are not the only schmuck with good ideas and should reach out to those who are willing to bring quality groups to our islands in the Bahamas. Remember anybody can talk the talk but can’t WALK THE WALK!! Sit down shut up and support he people who know how to promote the country without you taking all their glory.Vince, you did not invent Island Hoppers Bahaams…I did!

  26. Both he and the Director General must be living in a different country from us. They must not know what is going on in Tourism. They appear every now and again with some grand speech trying to impress the Bahamian people. Both were mistakes and are living out their own personal dream. No humility whatsoever. And I hear Mr. Wallace wants to run for the House. I can’t wait to see him hugging those black, nappy head grassroot people!I was having lunch at Atlantis today with some visiting friends. A group repeat visitors were complaining about the way the country has changed. They talked about the high crime count that doesn’t seem to bother the authorities at all. The police are laid back and turn their heads to crime. “If you don’t aclnowledge that you see it, then you can’t do anything about it.” They also complained about the number of people in the Tourist areas (Bay Street and neighbouring streets) who are looking for sponsors and begging. Say it makes the country look tacky. They are looking to sell their properties and find another place to spend their vacations.

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