The old Paradise Island bridge should be inspected



Could the next bridge collapse happen right here in The Bahamas? And if you look closely here you would see why we made that statement. This is a pillar holding up the forty (40) year old Paradise Island Bridge. This single pillar has multiple cracks in it. And as taken in this photo is puttied with some tar glue. WOW another patched job, on a bridge that have a daily traffic jam, commuting some 7,000 workers from Atlantis alone, not to mention residents and tourist. Who is inspecting this bridge? And if this is the pillars above the water, could you imagine the pillars under the water? This then leaves us with this question. With all these cracks in a single pillar and visible cracks in others, is the old Paradise Island bridge safe for commuters?

Nassau, Bahamas: Visible signs of wear and tear can be seen on this and other pillars holding up the Paradise Island Bridge. Officials should concern themselves with the old bridge as this is just one of several visible cracks seen on this single pillar. Others signs of strain can be seen on others. The old bridge is over 40 years old and recently the ministry of works noted that they are looking for companies to do its inspection underwater.

Well Bahamas Press did it own inspection right under the Potter’s Cay Dock and from our observation, the huge cracks on the pillars suggest to us, ‘THE OLD PI BRIDGE CANNOT BE SAFE TAKING INTO ACCOUNT, THE HUGE TRAFFIC IT ENGAGES ON A DAILY BASIS!”

Packed with rush hour traffic, the 1,907-foot bridge collapsed in the Mississippi River, leaving scores of commuters scrambling for their lives. That incident caused a nationwide inspection of all bridges in America.

The 7,000 plus workers of Atlantis and the millions of guest who must exit Paradise Island should not be trusting their journey across an ‘old bridge’ in such a terrible condition. This is an accident just waiting to happen!


  1. No Not the putty!!!!!!!!!!I’ve heard of spit and glue but putty??? this is a fille not an adhesive!!

  2. Maintenance has always been a weak point for all governing administrations. The mantra seems to be to only fix something when its beyond broken. The word preventative maintenance doesnt exist in the minds of the people that run this country.

    But the bridge isnt the only piece of  infrastructure  that is crumbling. Look at the state of some of the government buildings, schools, the poor state of roads, malfunctioning red lights, BEC generators and old aircraft that Bahamas Air always buys. There is a pattern with Bahamian governments; buy on the cheap and only replace when the public demands it.

    Just think of the amount of money the government would save if they had a serviceable maintenance plan in the Ministry of Works, BEC, BATELCO, Water & Sewerage, and the Port & Aviation Department.

    Bahamian governments normally wait until a catastrophe, a general election or an international body shinning light bringing national shame before they do something.

    Its sad, but whats even sadder is that we have accepted this behavior by our governments as normal.

  3. Yiou Govt Ministers that come to this site to collect information should now ensure that remedial steps are taken to look at all bridges to guiarantee all of our safety.Criticism is good if acted on and as a citizen I implore the Govt agency resposible for bridges to move quickly in getting the necessary repairs done.

  4. Just like all the other infrastructure in the country-going to hell while FNM minister ; surrogates and goons line their pockets with taxpauyers’ money.

  5. The bridge at Fresh Creek is in worse shape and has been for several years. A tanker collided with the bridge in strong winds and cracked the coums. If you passed under that bridge you would never drive over it. It’s the life line for all the workers going to Autec. This needs to be addressed before something really happens.

  6. The P.I. Bridge Authority has been a cash cow for Somebody (???) and they Ain’t thought twice about fixing or Maintaining it properly!They still pocketing the Money!

  7. I am from the island of Nassau and I am quite concerned that the PI Bridge really needs to be fixed. There is too much money in the Bahamas for this not to be corrected. Let’s not wait until something horrible happens, lets fix it now because those people that go to work and cross that bridge everyday is what makes the Bahamas #1 and we should make sure that they are safe and secure. We need our Bahamian people to take a stand and get this bridge and all bridges in the Bahamas inspected NOW. The saying “It’s Better in The Bahamas” let us make it better and get our streets, bridges and buildings safe for our Bahamain people to live, work & play. LET US ALL WORK TOWARDS GETTING THESE PROBLEMS RESOLVED AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE.

  8. What about Eleuthera???
    Eleuthera bridge is worst. They are always given nassau new schools what about eleuthera and i mean hatchet bay the school in hatchet bay has been there frm my great grand father was in school eleuthera bridge is not safe at all just last year a tourist fell ova the bridge only has electric wire n poles 2 the sides for post last 2 month a pregnant woman was comen from work durin the rage her car turn ova on a rock its nt safe
    signed a mad woman

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