Father shot dead after confronting man…143rd murder victim since 2009


Nassau, Bahamas — A man in the community of Yellow Elder is dead this morning after attempting to quell an argument between his son and another man. BP can confirm around 4PM yesterday the victim engaged in an argument with a man who is now on the run from police. A fight ensued and shots rang out. The victim later died of his injuries.

We are told the victim’s son had earlier in the day had an encounter with the suspect. The 37 year old victim died in hospital. The decease is  the 143rd murder victim since 2009.


  1. Mr. Minister, please resign so we can have somebody put there who has a clue. Please. Please. Do you think they have not made one positive improvement in crime since taking the post. Not one. You said that these crimes are being committed against criminals. How dare you say that. Armed robberies are occuring every day. Do you think they are being committed against criminals? That was an insult to the Bahamian people. Do the right thing.

  2. This man was also said to be armed and hunting the young man that shot him. If this is indeed the case the young man was protecting himself. I do not condone violence, but even a saint would try to protect himself if someone is looking to kill him.

    • well i doubt the killer had a firearm liscense so hell go up for that for sure
      its hard to explain self defense if u are carying an illegal firearm, possible but hard

  3. I was advised that this was the second shooting in the area and the man was also armed. He went looking for the young man that killed him.

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