Homicide #16 Fox Hill

By Jerry Roker/For Bahamas Press

Hardly a week passes without dozens of young men being placed before the courts to answer charges of an array of violent crimes. The uproar over these violent acts lasts for about two weeks and we just return to ‘normal’ – all the uproar will be old news, all the stern short-term measures – deflated! Their families will continue to cry for justice, but the nation just moves on, until the next big tragedy. Then we will again cry out for justice, wear black, and say as loudly as we can, “They will be brought to justice!”

We need to invest our time, energy and resources into long-term solutions to crime and violence. We need to protect our children! We keep putting Band-Aids on bleeding wounds.

If We Fail To Address Fatherlessness And Broken Family Life In The 242, We Will Find That These Debilitating And Heartbreaking Events Will Continue To Unfold – A Monthly Memorial Of How Tragically Misguided Our Efforts Against Crime Have Been.

We need to urgently establish a National Task Force Against Fatherlessness and Broken Family Life. Rebuilding the family is the only long-term solution to crime and violence. We must start now!