Police charged one man for murder of Asian man in Nassau Village – Where are the others?


Accused said he was tasered with in police custody!

The man accused of murdering a Chinese businessman during an armed robbery at his shop in Nassau Village was allegedly beaten by police while in custody, his lawyer claimed yesterday.

Ishmael Forbes, 21, of St. Andrews Beach Estates, appeared before Acting Deputy Chief Magistrate Subusola Swain charged with the March 17 shooting death of Xiang Song and the $200-armed robbery of Ziming Ruan.

Forbes was not required to plead to the charges and the case will be fast-tracked to the Supreme Court on May 14.

Forbes’ lawyer Christina Galanos said that police beat and tasered him while in custody.

Swain made note of the complaint of brutality and remanded Forbes into custody.

Sergeant 2733 Lincoln McKenzie prosecuted.