Finance decides to hire talent after firing everyone months after getting elected! DUMBNESS!


Finance now scrapping to look for talents they fired. Well WAIT!

Nassau – Ministry of Finance, after missing targets and projections with VAT increases and failure to collect revenue due, is running scared.

Money is short and now the department wants to rehire and search for accountants to help repair the damage done by the Minnis Administration.

The truth is Government is struggling to meet monthly payments. VAT, though increased by 60% on July collections, due to the lack of trained accountants and staff, revenue has only increase by 19%.

Meanwhile, huge sections of the economy have been granted exemptions from VAT while the poor have been hit hard with tax increases and an uncontrolled hike in costs of goods and services.

Amazingly, after firing almost all the trained talent in Inland Revenue, the government has come with some new wild hiring scheme.

We report yinner decide!