Five more FNMs set to leave the Party<<< BP's Breaking Story at 7:30PM tonight!!!



While the FNM celebrates on its anniversary today, history is about to repeat itself yet again! The Dissident Five are sneaking out through the back door of the Party. They claim have had enough with Ingraham’s leadership! BP’s BOMBSHELL will drop at 9PM tonight!!! Stay log on to for this developing story….



Ingraham’s legacy secured as the FNMs seek new leadership – The Dissident
Five Emerge – Part 1 —– STORY MOVE UP NOW TO 7:30 PM…


  1. Do you all remember the FNMs for Christie in 2007, let them leave one by one. Recall Algernon, Perrier, Cargil, and lots more..

    Where are they now… I do not believe this story but let them leave. BP, this is all in your mind.

  2. lolo lolo lolo the Captain is always the last to desrt ship so we know PAPA is not among the five.I read P Anthony Whites column in the Punch and he is sounding the alarm about staying together to avert a 2002 debacle.Without PAPA who will lead the FNM?

  3. Told them one by one; two by two; three by three; four by four and five by five the rats will desert the sinking ship. only a foolish rat will stay aboard a ship that is taking on water faster than the crew can bail it out.

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