Five set to be axed from ZNS! GM and DGM Human Resource given walking papers today!


Jamal Moss has not reported to work since 2017!

NASSAU| BCB General Manager Kayleaser Deveaux-Isaacs and DGM in charge of Human Resources Sandra Knowles were delivered their walking letters Monday afternoon on top of the hill.

Deveaux-Isaacs photo was taken down off the walls as BCB but news of the terminations didn’t make the news.

Meanwhile three more were to also to be terminated today including senator Jamal Moss (Who has not reported to work since 2017), Beverley Curry and Darron Meadows. Why the last three have not been axed from the tree of ZNS yet is still not clear but we know Cabinet is meeting in the morning and there will be a board meeting this coming Thursday.