$12,000 for a bed in ambassador
$14,000 for a mirror for an ambassador…

A rug $19000.

Hotel accommodations for $20000 a monthx p

Photographer issued contracts from OPM on behalf of parks and beaches which was illegal.

Madam Speaker, I am simple man. My wife and I are from a humble background and I will admit that my familiarity with exquisite furnishings is limited. So I ask this question to those more familiar with this area- why would the Government need to purchase – and let me ensure I get this right , a Desert Modern Upholstered Queen Sized bed covered in Chambly Damask White Orchard print fabric at a cost of Eleven Thousand Seven Hundred and Thirty Seven Euros or approximately Twelve Thousand Dollars?

A Duke Polished Steel Mirror for Thirteen Thousand Six Hundred and Forty-Seven Euros or approximately Fourteen Thousand Dollars? This is for a mirror.

An Eighteen thousand Four Hundred and Seventy Five Euro or approximately Nineteen Thousand Dollar Imagen Logo Blue rug- YES A RUG- what was the approval process for this? For whom? And how did this happen under a government which was ushered in on a trust agenda!

To add insult to injury, and while NIB was struggling to pay minimum benefits to families impacted by job loss due to market forces, the peoples (former) government mismanaged, abused and had no regard for the public purse!
What is a crushed bamboo cocktail table, modern Hollywood on Mahogany finish? Why does it cost nine thousand three hundred and twenty five euros or approximately ten thousand dollars?

Did it go to competitive bidding? Were there multiple quotes provided?

Madam Speaker, if these were the only such items it would be shocking but they are not.

There were dozens of similar items which total Five Hundred and Fifteen Thousand Three Hundred and Twenty Eight Dollars and Eighty Cents or almost Five Hundred and Fifty Thousand Dollars to furnish an apartment.