FNM Election T-Shirts and flags arrived are being offloaded at 601 East Bay Street…


NASSAU| BP is reporting the arrival of the FNM t-shirts now being moved out of Brent Symonette’s 601 building on East Bay Street.

BP knew the shirts were here from December and paid for by a number boy in the country. We also know the motion to an early general election is in play because Minnis has ran out of money.

The government need $2 billion for the next fiscal year and cannot find it. Lenders around the world have declined lending the Minnis Government a dime.

We are live…It aint long Nah!

Trucks and flatbeds load up with FNM paraphernalia which moved today May 13th, 2021 and being stored at Brent Symonette’s 601 building, East Bay Street.