FNMs turned its guns on Bahamas PRESS!


Dear Editor,

Please allow me to express my thoughts in your most invaluable newspaper. Thank you.

Four years since the FNM became the government, the Bahamian people have finally realized that the FNM hoodwinked them with outright political propaganda on Facebook leading up to election day.

The FNM cast of characters who became Facebook celebrities have mostly gone into hiding.

In March, PLP Leader Philip Brave Davis, the presumed next prime minister of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, notified the press that he had written letters to Facebook complaining about Facebook sites being operated by anonymous administrators, who are believed to be FNM operatives.

The content on the Facebook sites are libelous, having no place in our political discourse.

It is hoped that Facebook shuts down the sites, as they are not contributing anything worthwhile to our democracy.

Having said that, we Bahamians have a saying that what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

As a concerned citizen whose navel strings are buried deep inside the PLP, the party of the Black masses, I am now calling on the honorable Brave Davis to distance our great political party from the amateur news site known as Bahamas Press or BP for short.

This site, with no known journalists and editors, brags about being the number one news source for information in The Bahamas, which must be laughable to the legitimate newspapers.

By rights, the FNM can lobby Google and its parent company Alphabet Inc. to shut down BP, as many of its news items are either inaccurate or downright libelous, just like the Facebook sites my esteemed leader wants to censor. And many of its stories read more like gossip written by a National Enquirer tabloid writer.

Oftentimes, its inaccurate stories are not retracted, which is a cardinal sin of journalism.

The FNM can easily accuse BP of running Brave Davis’ PR campaign, as many PLP announcements are featured in BP.

BP is an embarrassment to the PLP, as its faceless, nameless editors and journalists are lacking in journalistic integrity.

Again Mr. Davis, please distance our great party from this unprofessional news site. We cannot allow BP to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

 A concerned PLP

(BP EDITORIAL: Well at least this avid reader of BP knows that BP will sink the Minnis Government! THAT WE WILL NOT DENY!)