FNM Parliamentary Leaders were ordered to endorse Michael Pintard or face the music!

Duane Sands, Michael Pintard and Shanendon Cartwright.

NASSAU| Free National Movement MPs and Senators are being ordered to endorse Michael Pintard as leader of the Party or kiss their nominations goodbye!

Pintard and former PM Hubert Minnis will come head-to-head at the June 1st National Conclave of the party to elect new leadership. 

News of illegal voting possibilities at the upcoming conclave have already surfaced as a number of Chairpersons have been denied access to the list of voters in the upcoming poll; WHAT IS THERE TO HIDE? 

Early in the week, after returning from out of the country, Shanendon Cartwright quickly endorsed Pintard for the leadership and now a call to the wider parliamentary group has been made: Endorse Pintard or face the consequences. 

BP warned that some four MPs – Cartwright, Iram Lewis, Kwasi Thomspson and Adrian Gibson – all will back Minnis at Convention. What will happen now will be interesting. 

If Pintard has the support, why the threats? WELL, LOOK WHAT THE FNM HAS COME TO!?

Where is democracy? Where is  FREEDOM?

We report yinner decide!