FNM politician wife dumps him eight months ago, Convention Delegates learned Thursday night…


The politician, who will not get nominated in the upcoming elections, gone back to shacking up with his toy boy in Yellow Elder!

Nassau, Bahamas – A former PLP turned FNM sat in the FNM convention all alone as sources chatted how his wife left him more than eight months ago.

Delegates snickered how the loose politician was not allowed to speak to FNMs though ambitious to get to the stage.

The wife had had enough of the politician’s craziness and raw attacks on colleagues and one evening when the MP woke up she was gone.

The MP attempted to save the public shame of the wife’s departure by attempting to ring her up and beg her to join him at the FNM Convention.

The bad politician came through the backdoor of the PLP once and was given a chance to run, although no one knew his politics connected him to papa.

The wife told a friend, “Any man who could jack up a $10,000 per month salary ain’t just crazy – das a jackass!”

The couple had wed in a Grants Town historic cathedral church back in 2014.

Ahhh, well! The politician, who partied with his toy boy in Vegas just before the wedding, might be headed back to shacking up with him now that the bed gone cold.

We report yinner decide!

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