FNM “Secret Conclave” orchestrated by a dumb lodge master whose admiration for late night secret clandestine rendezvous has murdered democracy inside the party…


Weekend “Secret Conclave” was nothing more than a spay and neuter programme for Government politicians…MEDIA KICKED OUT OF FNM CONCLAVE!!!!

Four fired FNM MPs say party is now corrupt! Vaugh Miller, Reece Chipman, Freddie McAlpine and Travis Robinson may all now need security as threats come daily to them. Four Rebel FNM MPs told in Secret Conclave by Speaker of the House and MP for Nassau Village Halson Moultrie had they did what they did anywhere else in the world they would have been found DEAD [His words not ours]! WHAT IN DA HELL IS THIS? How did Moultrie get in the SECRET CONCLAVE? BP advises all four Rebel FNM MPs to report the matter to the police!!!!

Nassau – The Free National Movement met in “Secret “Conclave” this week to try and figure out the way forward for the party.

The gathering, which failed to welcome the press, offered nothing for the Bahamian people. For an organization that once extolled the virtues of transparency and accountability, the FNM didn’t offer any such glimpse of these to the people.

The FNM under Leader Hubert Minnis and Chairman Carl Culmer is operating like some secret brothel on Dowsdwell Street. Not even the police security was welcome inside the “Secret Conclave”. The organization is operating like some secret order; suppressing free speech, free dialogue, independent thought and ideas of openness.

This weekend it appears that the UNHOLY and undemocratic ways of Hubert Minnis were alive and well. This was mixed with the dumbness of Chairman Carl Culmer, whose notable record of late was how under his leadership, he ran the Royal Eagle Lodge into the ground with near bankruptcy and court actions.

Look what PAPA party has come to!!! A mirror of the Chinese Communist Party where the people outside don’t know what the hell is going on inside.

And guess what happened? Threats and coercion were used to solicit apologies and blind loyalties. Rudeness, crafted by dictatorship-styled political mafias was the order of the day.

Rodney Moncur would use colourful language like “GANGSTERISM” of the worst form ever seen in our political history.

This style with which Minnis and Culmer are running the FNM is foreign to Bahamians. This is not what we in the Bahamas are comfortable with! And we must wake up and straighten our backs and reject this most destructive, undemocratic form style now being displayed!

Hon. Halson Moultrie – Speaker of the Parliament has no damn shame! He was at the Conclave sending messages to rebel MPs.
We are used to political parties opening their exercises of democracy to the public. We are used to a Conclave welcoming the press [And why are they silent seeing this?]. We are used to political parties debating philosophies and ideologies, expressing how they are going to address solutions to crime, healthcare, poverty and reforms.

We in the Bahamas know about Conclaves that addresses how challenges facing the entire country will be managed moving forward. The nation, after such events, also expects to be enlightened as to plans for the future. But what we were delivered this past weekend was nothing more than a spay and neuter programme for politicos within the FNM party.

What has happened to the FNM with the phrase “FREE AT LAST”? Has the word “Freedom” been removed from our democracy?

With the press locked out and left quiet on the steps, with the public unable to see through the prisms of democracy, which are lost jewels inside the FNM, we turn to some the words of the late Sir Cecil Wallace Whitfield who asked this question back on October 23rd 1970: “….Does this party have room in it for the questioning youth or just for hordes, bootlickers and yes men?”

What has happened to the free, fair and open spirit of democracy inside the FNM?

We now have a “Secret Conclave” orchestrated by a dumb lodge master whose admiration for late night secret clandestine rendezvous has murdered democracy inside the FNM…

We report yinner decide!