Students at C. H. Reeves to shake up in the schoolyard for a second week as teachers refuse to teach!


School old with mould and had little repairs teachers say…

School is out at C. H. Reeves as educators scream for help! Mould is in the building.

Nassau – Well, no one in the WUTLESS MEDIA ga tell you and, if it’s left to the Ministry of Education, Jeffery Lloyd is fast asleep at the wheel, so we at BP must report to you the news.

This week will be the second week that C. H. Reeves Junior High School will have no teachers in the classrooms. The school is located just behind R. M. Bailey near Marathon.

Teachers sat out all last week and not one report of it was heard anywhere in the wutless media [and they ga be honouring themselves this week – fa “wutlessness”]. But we digress!

You should know C. H. Reeves is only one of those schools that is having serious mould issues, which has affected the health of both staff and students.

Teachers carried out an inspection on Sunday to see if any treatment was done. NOTHING WAS DONE! And so, today like the nurses, the ‘churrin dem’ will be playing ring play in the yard all day for a second week with no homework or instructions. Don’t ask Jeff Lloyd what is happening – HE IS FAST ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL!

And in the midst of all this you must ask: Where is Belinda “Karuka” Wilson these days? UNION QUIET!

We report yinner decide!