FNMs fall sick after general election defeat!


Take it easy and stop raising ya blood pressure on the PLP

FNMs are falling sick following election defeat - TAKE IT EASY!

Nassau, Bahamas — Another senior FNM has become ill and is not taking the defeat of May 7th too well.

Sources close to the high-ranking FNM tell us the known goon for the Party has gone MIA from his regular breakfast meetings at McDonald’s in Oakes Field.

We can confirm the known henchman is fighting serious bouts of mental depression following the GOLD RUSH cut hip.

The henchman was summarily dumped by the former leader as he made allegations on the political platform of hands caught thiefin being chopped off.

Since the former Prime Minister’s comments, those within the FNM have been looking at the long-term operative of the party cockeye.

This is not good.

Bahamas Press is advising all FNMs to go on vacation, lay off the rhetoric, drop the rallying, campaigning and attacks on the government, because five years is a long time, and fifteen years is even a longer time.

We report yinner decide!