FNMs must support its leadership team or suffer in opposition for a long time to come


John Bostwick is front runner for FNM Senate seat

Forward into the Future -

Nassau, Bahamas — Today’s article is a result of an online row BP had with one blogger on Facebook who thought it was necessary to argue that the FNM was a better option for Bahamians in 2012.

The Harvard trained blogger must have gathered their position from Greg Gomez, who could not speak or remember what school he taught at – or what he taught for that matter – while living illegally in the US.

However, 2012, as we predicted on BP back in January and again in May, would be the worst year in the history of the FNM. We said it, we believe it, it was recorded by our page while every other media in the country said opposite.

We had the data. We know the facts, we worked the ground and we can tell you from before the general elections were called, defeat was staring at the FNM like a deer in headlights. They could not miss it!

The Party was led by the worst political leadership of modern times. Hubert Ingraham led the country over the cliff and into the abyss. Broke and destitute. Stubborn facts were irrefutable and could not be denied by the experts.

Crime was up in every category – something which forced the FNM to look outside the country for advice.

Unemployment had reached into double digits – one in every three young Bahamians between 18 and 25 were unemployed.

John Bostwick is front runner for FNM Senate seat.

Businesses were under the gun of an already bad global economy – exacerbated by rising taxes imposed on them by the Ingraham Government. From NIB payments to customs duties to electricity bills and gas taxes – in Ingraham economics every damn thing went up!

And they are wondering why they lost power?

Only a Jackass in sheep’s clothing and wool would be promoting the comeback of Papa Clown, who destroyed the once bustling economy of the Bahamas – and who some believe led the most corrupt “bribe-toting government” in modern Bahamian history.

The jury is still out on the scandalous affairs at the nation’s social security system – THE NATIONAL INSURANCE BOARD – and everyone and their mah knows about what gone down in Tourism. We also remember the bribes during the 2012 elections that have marred the legacy of the FNM who once believed in Transparency, Accountability and Justice for all!

Surprisingly, they hijacked those principals in the last administration.

By the time of the death of former FNM Chairmen, Charles Maynard, we at BP were predicting the worst year ever for the opposition who lost the government, lost respect, was broke as a pigeon who lost its wings and was headed for defeat in North Abaco.

And what did their Pharaoh do? Left Charlie in North Abaco to die and to run the ground campaign while new party leader battled to fix the engine and restore the organization to financial stability!

The FNM was left broke by Hubert Ingraham just like that woman who only has a rope to lock her door in a community over the hill. Look how the mighty have fallen.

What a time!

In fact, to the credit of the FNM, before Ingraham appointed Greg Gomez to replace him, it looked as if its new leadership team was headed in the right direction.

But we knew defeat was coming. Greg [Hubert Ingraham’s candidate] was the wrong man for North Abaco, and Bahamians all across the country knew it. But Ingraham forced him on his party to make sure they were one seat weaker. A bad move indeed!

Bahamas Press would be the first to warn FNMs about their past sins. Hubert Ingraham is not good for the Party. He has retired – KEEP HIM THERE!

That’s your first warning!

Secondly, our advice, for what its worth, is to support your new leadership team. No political party can win an election by having large cracks and rifts in the organization. Surround Dr. Hubert Minnis, Loretta Butler–Turner and Darron Cash. It is the best team the FNM has to work with. They, we believe, are the true inheritors of any possible future plans to regain the confidence of the Bahamian people!

To disrupt that team in any way would be a sure defeat at the polls whenever another general election is called, and if you don’t believe us, keep letting the Ingraham factions of your party destabilize your leadership! It will spell a sure and certain naked defeat at the polls.

And perhaps will assure Perry Gladstone Christie and his PLP Gold Rush Dragnet a sure and certain 10 years in power!

We see Sharon Turner and Aaron KIKI Knowles are writing with vigor online these days. We know their material well. They work for Hubert Ingraham and to knock the FNM leadership would mean to keep the PLP in power for a long time to come!

And so to the FNMs we say this: the future is in your hands. Either you will continue to let those few in your party continue to deny the truth, or you will stay on the course of CHANGE!

Either you will rally behind your new leader and work the road ahead, or you will fight in the grave of politics and dig yourselves into that unmarked plot for 2017. Either you will enlarge your tent and build around a message of the future, or you will cling to your past and die in the arms of the fallen.

All we say is this…

We ga report…and let YINNER DECIDE!