FNMs now expose Lawlessness inside the Party….Move to sack Carl Culmer underway…


FNMs want Carl Culmer out!

Carl Culmer

Mr. Chairman,

With the greatest of respect I write to you in this officer’s group openly.

I write openly not to offend you but because I sincerely believe in and respect the constitution of the Free National Movement.

Council is the highest authority in our party outside of Convention. All councilors are equal, we may hold different offices and roles but no man is superior to another. What then gives you or the Secretary General or the Treasurer or any other officer the authority to cancel or postpone a constitutionally mandated meeting?

We are the governing party and governance in this current climate means serious business, no breaks or pauses. People need to voice their concerns and those of their Association members and constituents, the constitutionally mandated meeting protects this right. Do you believe that cancelling is reasonable or responsible?

Our constitution protects us from even ourselves, it keeps us from making decisions contrary to the principles of our organization. When we stray away from our constitution we kill the spirit and intention of our forefathers.

Mr. Chairman this is not to offend you, this is not to hurt you but this message is to help you help yourself. Please do not make this grave mistake. Do not turn your back on the constitution.

I beg you to direct the Secretary General to immediately recall the Notice of cancellation and for the meeting to be held as usual.

I am requesting all National Officers to voice their opinions on this, to do it respectfully and honestly. We must not be cowards when it comes to upholding the constitution of our party. The constitution is the only vessel guaranteed to protect us, if we let it die under attack or disregard then we all die politically.

Stand up and be counted willing to live or sit down and die a coward.

Brad McPhee
National Deputy Chairman