When the Cabinet decisions become ONE BIG DOLL HOUSE joke in the food store!


Brensil, Papa and Anton had big joke in Supervalue over PM Minnis and crew WUTLESSNESS!

Troy Culmer new NIB Chairman.

Nassau – Well, BP readers should know that today was a great day for brothers and sisters deep inside the PM Minnis circles.

A second Smith has been announced in the re-alignment of the Minnis Administration. Brothers Dave Smith and Troy Smith were both formally confirmed into their appointments today. BP, who has a special seat inside the Minnis Cabinet, had announced these appointments weeks ago. Finally, the country is catching up.

Tonight on National Television PM Minnis named Troy Smith – brother of newly appointed Bahamas Development Bank’s Director Dave Smith – as the new Chairman of NIB.

Troy Smith is the brother-in-law of the PM’s close friend who had Munnings Road abruptly closed and caused the fatality of a young single mother who was employed at Doctor’s Hospital.

Troy filled the role following former Chairman Anton Saunders who was spotted in Supervalue this past weekend with both Brensil Rolle and Hubert Ingraham, laughing at PM Minnis’ wutless and reckless management of the country. Boy, dat was one sweet joke in the food store. Even BP was laughing!

But, while PM Minnis was on Grand Bahama touring the Port Lucaya Straw Market for a 4th time in just months apart, word has come that some arrangements have been made to purchase a hotel with no brand, no casino, no marketing firm and no airlift programme in place. What is dis?

This gata be a movie! Meanwhile, Papa dem in the store laughing loud at the cast!

We report yinner decide!