Hawksbill Grand Bahama man gunned down in Provo


Man murdered after being sprayed with bullets in a Provo drive by this afternoon…

27-year-old Ervin Walkine of Hawksbill Grand Bahama shot dead in TCI.

Provo, TCI – Bahamas Press is reporting another homicide this this time of a Grand Bahama man afternoon in Provo TCI. Police there tell us a male was sprayed with bullets as he walked on a road near a community called Cooper Jack in Albacore Close.

The incident unfolded around 12:30pm. The male victim who we have identified as 27-year-old Ervin Walkine was walking in the area when a car pulled up alongside him and sprayed him with bullets. He died on the scene.

Police on that island are investigating the incident. A string of murders have erupted in the TCI recently and gang violence is said to be the cause. We believe the British should deal with their territory quickly before gets dangerously out of control.

We report yinner decide!