FNMs tell Carl Culmer “Rollout”


Carl Culmer

Nassau – Amidst the disgust and confusion now deepening deep inside the Free National Movement, hardline Party Members have are making plans to have Chairman of the Party Carl Culmer removed from the post.

Sources close to the Party tell us, “We are going to need a much stronger voice to cripple the PLP and Carl’s poor organizational skills and his inability to win one for the team will not cut it in the future for the Party. We want him gone and soon the news will come of his departure.”

Culmer, you should know, was Hubert Minnis’ first and only pick following the 2017 election victory, but the fallout inside the party is deep and FNMs want the chairman gone.

“Culmer is unable to connect with the party’s base and the leader is losing altitude with the masses!” another FNM supporter told Bahamas Press.

As Bahamians gather for a massive march on Wednesday morning all we say is this: It’s just not looking good for the FNM these days.

We report yinner decide!