Former Archdeacon Etienne Bowleg dies at 84…

Former Archdeacon Etienne Bowleg

NASSAU| The pastor for the Church of the Nativity, at 284 Carmichael Road has died.
Former Anglican Priest in charge of Holy Trinity Anglican Church, former Archdeacon Etienne Bowleg passed away this morning.

He was extremely lethargic for some weeks, posting visits inside and outside of hospital. 

You should recall how Bowleg broke canon law taking the Diocese to court over the issue of mandatory retirement. Eventually his matter was rejected by then-Justice Jon Isaacs and he quit the Diocese of the Bahamas and Turks and Caicos Islands to form his small independent church.

The announcement of his departure came just a few weeks later when newly elected Bishop of the Bahamas The Rt Rev Laish Boyd announced how Ven Etienne Bowleg had renounced his orders.
Reports had circulated how Archdeacon Bowleg embezzled funds from his parish, Holy Trinity Church in Nassau.

On March 3, the Bahamian Supreme Court discharged an injunction that had prevented Bishop Boyd from removing the 72-year-old archdeacon from Holy Trinity’s helm and dismissed the archdeacon’s appeal.

In his petition Archdeacon Bowleg argued that the failure of the diocese to gazette, or give formal legal notice by publishing the canons in a journal of legal record, the changes to its canons providing for mandatory retirement, rendered it void.

But, after a relative provided strong birth records of his true age, the matter collapsed and the rest is history. BP was at the centre of this case and we were prepared to go on record to not allow wickedness to grow in the church!

He is survived by his wife Cheryl, daughter Cherisse and son Elliott. The former priest was 84. Today we pray for his soul.

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