BP is reporting the passing of Ernest McKenzie and Earl Major both were Fr. Bowleg’s Brother-in-Law at one time!


NASSAU| BP is also learning just minutes ago after we reported the passing of Ernest McKenzie – who passed over the weekend -was also one time ago – a brother-in-law of Fr. Bowleg.

Mckenzie’s first wife Stephanie Bowleg is Bowleg’s sister. But this is old story now.

McKenzie‘s current wife is Jan Rolle-McKenzie. We want you to keep these families in your prayers and offer Jan our deep sympathies.

Earl Major casino worker and brother of Mrs Cheryl Major-Bowleg (Etienne’s wife) also passed away this morning following a short illness. Cheryl lost her husband Etienne Bowleg this morning.

Pray for all the families involved.

We report yinner decide!